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Christmas Presentation Combines Hybrid Choir with Original Movie Starring Gurmit Singh

Live shows at Trinity@Paya Lebar and CHIJMES deliver a message of hope, love, and forgiveness in the midst of a pandemic.

“The stage at Trinity@Paya Lebar is designed with traditional red, green, and wooden hues to give our audience a sense of warmth, home, peace, and comfort,” said Pastor Gary Chia, director of The Heart of Christmas.

On Friday, Dec 17, Trinity Christian Centre premiered The Heart of Christmas presentation that combines a 70-strong virtual choir plus an original movie starring actor Gurmit Singh.

With the pandemic still in the air, the presentation aims to bring home the message of hope, love, and forgiveness this Christmas season. It will be held at Trinity@Paya Lebar at 247 Paya Lebar Road and CHIJMES from December 17 to 24, 2021.

“Christmas is a reminder that hope came and invaded darkness with the birth of Jesus.

As the year comes to an end, let’s remember that hope came 2,000 years ago when a Savior, a Messiah arrived. I pray that the hope of Christmas will make a difference in your view and perspective as you cross over into the year 2022, said Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo.

A Joyful Sound

The Heart of Christmas brings together the joy of caroling through more than 100 musicians and singers of all ages – all Trinitarians.

“Due to COVID-19 safety measures, we are unable to accommodate all of them on stage. But for the last few months, we have pre-recorded our ensemble, children’s choir, and main choir. Together with our live band, they ‘appear’ on stage via LED screen at every performance.

We want to bring the sounds of joy, peace, and hope alive to those coming to watch,” shared Pastor Gary Chia, Director of The Heart of Christmas.

Lydia Leong, a cellist on this year’s ensemble, is a classical pianist by training. However, she began learning the cello before the Circuit Breaker (CB).

“When CB started and I could no longer sing in choir, God redirected me to serve as a cellist. Even though the cello is a completely new instrument for me, God has given me confidence to learn and play,” shared the retiree from Area Three.

“I love this year’s Christmas presentation because it is a surprise for all of us. We are eager to see how our recorded segments will be seamlessly integrated with the live elements. I am bringing my husband and my family who have not been to Trinity to Thursday night’s show on Dec 23. I am using this as an opportunity to tell them, ‘Come watch me perform!’”

Your Love is Enough 2

The anticipated premiere of Trinity’s original movie starring local actor Gurmit Singh will be showing at all nine The Heart of Christmas presentations.

Watch the film trailer [film rated PG].

Actor Gurmit Singh takes on the lead role of Alvin, a father with a complicated past who attempts to rebuild his relationship with his daughter after his release from prison. It is a role that Gurmit can relate to due to his frequent absence from home due to work commitments.

“I think this film is powerful because Gurmit recalls emotions from his own personal life and evokes them throughout the movie.

As one of the scriptwriters, I was also intentional about writing the dialogue based on real issues that I’ve gone through. I believe the story is relatable to all, especially viewers going through relational issues with family or friends,” said Chelsea Chew, Associate Producer of Your Love is Enough 2.

Working alongside Gurmit is Trinity’s cast and crew who wrote and produced the movie, including an original soundtrack titled Perfect Love written by Tashia Yang (IGNYTE) and Esther Lim (Trinity Broadcast).

“On filming days, we shot for 12 hours a day, sometimes past midnight. All cast (except Gurmit) were Trinitarians, and many of our Creative Ministry volunteers took leave just to come help on set.

A lot of the laughter and facial expressions you will see on screen are natural. Our volunteer actors took the liberty to ad-lib from the script to add a personal, light-hearted touch. Everyone was dedicated to make sure the film was the best it could be," shared Chelsea.

Spectacular and Meaningful

Trinitarians have been actively reaching out to friends, family, colleagues, and more, praying for hearts to be uplifted and brought to Christ this Christmas. Connect Group 167@Hougang reported that after obeying the Holy Spirit’s promptings, they have experienced a total of 34 successful invitations to date!

Eoin Yankaya, full-time banking professional, is this year’s Floor Manager for The Heart of Christmas. Here’s what he shared before the commencement of the show:

If we could have done more than nine shows, we would have! Why? Because this is not just a spectacular Christmas show, but a spectacular and meaningful Christmas show. People who come and watch will quickly relate to the stories presented in the film.

If you know people feeling left behind this Christmas, bring them along. We want them to be touched by the true heart of Christmas, which is hope, forgiveness, and love.”

We cannot wait to celebrate Christmas together. Check in with your loved ones and let them you are looking forward to watching this life-transformation act with them!

Presentations at Trinity@Paya Lebar Fri, Dec 17, 8pm Sat, Dec 18, 2pm Mon, Dec 20, 8pm Tue, Dec 21, 8pm Wed, Dec 22, 8pm Thu, Dec 23, 8pm

Fri, Dec 24, 8pm

Presentations at CHIJMES

Fri, Dec 24, 5pm and 8pm


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Admission is free. Movie trailers and booking details for the nine presentations can be found at:

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