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LIVE Pre-Service Prayer online

Regardless of circumstances or platform, we will pray as a church!

By Kristine Lee

Before the hiatus of onsite services, pre-service prayer was an integral part of Trinity's ministry for Celebration Service. "Pre-service prayer strengthens faith and creates opportunities for each person to encounter God in a personal and powerful way." Pastor Melvin Lim revealed.

When services went online, the need for prayer grew stronger. "We wanted to reach out and minister to the congregation, especially in this season. We wanted to create an avenue for them to submit their prayer requests, and let them know that the pastors and church will be praying. No one walks alone." Pastor Melvin shared.

So in June, LIVE pre-service prayer online was introduced, on both YouTube and Facebook. Starting 20 minutes prior to service, two pastors, together with our online congregation, pray and declare God's truth over prayer requests. The requests are either sent in prior to the service via Trinity App, website, or entered into the comments, LIVE, on the spot.

This is when it gets a little tricky. "Leading pre-service prayer LIVE requires us to look at the camera to keep engaging the audience, yet also look at the comments on YouTube and Facebook to see the requests coming in. Sometimes we have to scroll to find the earlier requests so that we don’t miss them out!" Pastor Melvin explained. All that while still tuning in to the Holy Spirit in prayer! The two pastors also need to coordinate with each other well so they are not repeating prayers already spoken.

Meeting at 7am to run through pre-service prayer

To ensure that the pre-service prayer runs smoothly, pastors will meet together with the crew way before service to rehearse the sequence and to pray.

"We need to report very early before each service slot. That means 7am for the 8.30am Celebration service. But even before that, because we are recording live from home, I need to ensure a conducive environment. This means checking that the internet is working well and my home has minimal distracting noises. It also involves setting up my laptop, conducting my lighting and sounds checks in order to be ready. I need coffee!" Pastor Wendy Chang quipped. "Leading the pre-service prayer LIVE requires me to have faith that the Wi-Fi connection is strong and there are no outside disturbances. I am thankful for my family for being understanding and keeping the noise level at home low. My biggest challenge? Sunday 7am reporting time! I need coffee too!" Pastor Melvin jested.

Jokes (or coffee) aside, our prayer pastors reveal what's truly special about pre-service prayer.

"Seeing people reach out to God for their requests is beautiful. It means they are putting their faith in God and believing God for the breakthroughs," shared Pastor Wendy.

"I sincerely believe God hears and answers. And through those answered prayers and even those not answered, people encounter our God who loves them and who is there for them," added Pastor Melvin.


"On Sunday morning, while tuning in to pre-service prayer online, I felt prompted to pray for a friend who was overseas. I hesitated to send in the prayer request, because I usually don't see a need to put a request up. God would still answer my prayer. But I felt a nudge to submit it anyway.

I typed out the request into the comment box on YouTube: "Pray for D – that she would encounter the presence of God, healing over anxiety and for her to grow in her identity in Christ".

The pastors prayed over the request, and I believe other Trinitarians did too. At about noon, I received a text from that friend, saying that she woke up at 3am experiencing a wave of God’s peace and love, and that she cried a lot.

God reminded me that His presence transcends time and space. My friend encountered God at about the time the church prayed, but in a different timezone. To my doubtful heart, He showed me once again that there is power in corporate prayer. May we take up our authority and intercede as a church!" - Noelle Lim

"Our foreign domestic worker went on home leave in mid-March for her son's wedding. She was supposed to go for a short trip and due back at work because she has a large family to support back home. But with new border restrictions, she could not return to Singapore. The weeks stretched into months and both she and us became anxious and wondered if she will ever be allowed to return. We prayed and waited upon God. Many of our friends in our Connect Group prayed along with us and I submitted my prayer request in the pre-service prayer. I asked for the Lord to grant us favor and grace and the pastors prayed over the request. And God answered our corporate prayer! The Ministry of Manpower has approved her return in July! We are so grateful and thankful, all glory to God." - Irene Yeo


Reflect & Respond

  • Is there something you can put your faith in God for, or someone you care and connect with using our pre-service prayer? Submit your prayer request prior to service via Trinity App or website. The Trinity App is available on iTunes or Google Play. You can also type in your requests in the comments on Facebook or Youtube during the LIVE pre-service prayer on Sat at 4.40pm & Sun at 8.10 & 10.40am. Care and connect a friend to our pre-service prayer with the eflyer.

  • Have you had your prayers answered? Send in your testimonies to



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