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Mother's Day Ideas: Try Something New

Break the old Mother's Day routine. Refresh your love for Mom with 5 new activities!

Not good at baking or cooking?

Want to give a gift but worried your mom won’t like it?

Tired of celebrating Mother’s Day the same way each year?

Mothers come in a vast array of personalities. Some mothers are foodies, others like gifts; some may simply want to relax at home, especially given the current safety measures.

This may make planning Mother's Day stressful. Or maybe, you have never really given Mother’s Day much thought.

We hear you. Sometimes, we run out of creative ideas or come from families that aren’t sentimental. Perhaps we have complex relationships with our mothers and it’s hard to express our love and appreciation.

While buying a meal, card, or a favorite dessert are great ways of making your mother feel special, sometimes God calls us to try something different. Whether you’re celebrating with your biological mom or spiritual mom (or both), we hope you can go about Mother’s Day in a new way!

Experience refreshing love for your mum by:

1. Praying for your mom

No one knows your mom better than the Lord. Ask the Lord to bring to mind three new areas that you can be praying over her. Then pray in your quiet time. If you feel led to share the prayer with your mom, do it!

Tip: Write your prayer in a card and verbally pray over her on Mother's Day!

2. Planning a get-together

Moms need their girl friends too! This is a great idea for moms who don't like the spotlight. They may feel more comfortable opening up to other moms and feel refreshed by their fellowship!

Tip: If your mom is in a Connect Group, contact other ladies in her group and plan a high-tea or meal.*

*In light of Singapore's current Safe Management Measures, please do not go out in groups of more than five. Stay safe and healthy!

3. Teaching her something new

Moms have taught us throughout our lives – why not teach them something new for a change? Fret not: you don’t have to be the teacher! Find fun, free YouTube classes and learn something new together. Or, help your mom sign up for an online class so she can upskill in an area of her interest.

Tip: Teaching your mom something new doesn't require an online class. Ask her if she has any tech issues with her phone, computer or TV. Moms can feel shy about asking their kids for help, but you can show your love by patiently teaching her how to navigate her tech gadgets with greater ease.

4. Doing the chores!

It could be as simple as washing the dishes or mopping the floor, but if you see your mom doing chores on Mother’s Day, offer to do them for her. She might want the chores done in a specific way, so ask her to show you how she does it before you begin. When you’re finished, thank your mom for faithfully doing the chores daily without complaining. 😊

Tip: Ask your mom if she needs any groceries for the week, then offer to go grocery shopping with her (or on her behalf). While you're at it, try buying some of her favorite fruits! Help to carry her grocery bags home and pay the bill.

5. Being present

That's right. Instead of buying a present for your mom this year, be present. Sometimes, we get so caught up with doing things for our moms that we miss out on the purpose of the day entirely:

being WITH our mothers.

Remind her she's valuable by spending quality time with her.

Tip: Take your mom out with the SingapoRediscover Vouchers** and keep your phone on silent mode. Think about a few open-ended questions that you can ask during your outing, for example: Mom, what were you like when you were my age? Show her you're really listening.

**In light of Singapore's current Safe Management Measures, please do not go out in groups of more than five. Stay safe and healthy!


In trying something new, we demonstrate that Mother's Day is not a yearly obligation but an opportunity to love our moms in a fresh, new way.

Let's take this Sunday to move forward from the past and look forward to a new season of seeing our mothers through God's eyes.

"Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." (Proverbs 31:31)


Reflect & Respond

  • What does your mother enjoy doing?

  • What distractions are taking you away from spending time with your mom?

  • How can you grow or deepen your relationship with your mom after Mother's Day?


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