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Worship in the New Norm

Trinity's new Spotify playlists have been launched! Pastor Gary Chia shares how to use them, and other tips to worship God in the new norm.

By Pastor Gary Chia

“This is so weird”, “This is just strange for me”. These were the words echoed from the people around me when we started online services. Like many of you, my family and I had to learn to make adjustments to attend church online, and worship God from the comforts of our home.

We are living in uncharted times. We may be missing the gathering of the saints worshipping together with one voice in the same place. But that has not stopped us from making room to draw nearer to God individually, and as a family. We have truly transited to the new norm of life.

Psalm 150:6 says “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the Lord!"

As God’s people, we must understand the value of worship unto our God. Let us praise the Lord as long as we have breath!

Let me share a few tips on how to worship God in the new norm.

Tip 1: Prepare your heart to engage

Be early so that you will be ready when the Celebration Service starts. Remember, this is not your usual television channel but God’s channel for you to meet Him. Get prepared in your spirit, heart and mind so that you will be ready to receive what God has for you.

Tip 2: Get past the awkwardness

I know it can feel awkward singing in front of the television screen because you are not used to hearing your own voice. And you may feel distant from the worship atmosphere as your five senses can only access what is projected through the television screen.

But singing unto God is a not just a segment of a program. Worship is an invitation to a deep encounter with Holy Spirit. The more you break out in courage to sing praises to Him, the more any barriers of fear are broken. You and I are not called by God to be a spectator, but a partaker of the victories of God in our lives.

Tip 3: Drink from the well of life daily

The wells of your heart and spirit need to be constantly refreshed. And only the Living Water can fill them.

Make a conscious effort to drink from the river of God by spending time reading His Word, praying and singing unto God. The heart of worship beats loud and strong when you learn to make time daily to feed your spirit.

One practical way is to use the newly-launched Trinity Christian Centre's Spotify playlists Shout It Out Loud, Everyday Worship and Instrumental! Soak in these songs and sing along in your times of worship and waiting before God. So go check out the playlists and enjoy worship wherever you are!

Tip 4: Share with others what you have learnt

Jesus commanded the disciples to share the good news wherever we go. Likewise, make every opportunity to share with someone what you have learnt and what God impressed upon your heart. A testimony of God is also a worship unto Him. I am sure your Connect Group, neighbors and friends will be blessed!

When we share the revelations with others, we are also reinforcing the spoken truth in our lives. So, go on and bless someone today!

I hope these tips will help you in this new norm. We may miss the fellowship and the church atmosphere that we love, but take comfort knowing that God is still at work among His people. While we wait for the day we can gather together again in the physical church, let us continue to offer a sacrifice of praise wherever we go. Let your praise rise and break through today!


Reflect & Respond

  • How have you been worshipping in this new norm?

  • Which of these four tips can you apply?

  • Access our newly launched Spotify playlists: Shout It Out Loud, Everyday Worship and Instrumental or create your own playlist from Trinity's original compositions here.


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