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About Trinitarian Magazine

Life is all about connections –
connecting to one another,
being connected to God, and staying connected in life. 

Trinitarian Magazine was launched in 2008 by Trinity Christian Centre to connect Trinitarians and friends to life in our community and life as God intended.

We serve to envision, educate, excite, and empower you to reach your fullest potential.


Keep up with the latest buzz, connect with a spiritual community, be encouraged by real stories of hope, and find answers to some of life’s questions.

Gather in this place where the passion for God pulses, where the desire, boldness and courage to do His work grows, and authentic faith reaches out.

About Trinity Christian Centre

Trinity Christian Centre is an Assemblies of God Church birthed in 1970. From our humble beginnings of ten members in a private bungalow, we have now grown to a 10,000 strong community across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.







To find out more, visit and download our

Trinity App on the Apple / Google Play Store.


You can also contact us. Follow us to see what’s happening in the life of our church!

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