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A Mother's Legacy

Mothers. They leave a legacy different from others.

By Sarah Han

Hannah & brother Joash baked muffins for mom June Koh

May 10 was a day when everyone in the world celebrated Mother’s Day. A day when we intentionally took the time to honor our mothers for all that they have done for us. Mothers play an important role in our lives. They are the unseen and unsung heroes in every home.

Mother’s Day took on a different spin this year. Unlike the usual fancy meals eaten outside and the lavish gifts that we could buy, it was a simple affair. But it was no less special.

A Mothers' Day to remember

Trivina & family

"Usually the boys are very active. They are usually out. But during this Circuit Breaker, we are actually staying together as one. So there are many things we are doing together as one, like attending service. This is really rare. It's a time I appreciate and will always remember." - Trivina Tng

For Hannah Cheong, this year's Mother's Day was extra special. Hannah's maternal grandmother was hospitalized over the Mother's Day period. "Mum has been shuffling between the hospital and home, caring for grandma, Joash and me. A mother to us, and a daughter to our grandma." - Hannah Cheong

Hannah & family wishing grandma Happy Mother's Day

While mom was in hospital, Hannah and her brother Joash took the opportunity to bake blueberry muffins for her on Mother's Day.

“When we lived in The Netherlands for about 6.5 years, it was not easy being in a foreign land with no support. With my dad having to travel for work extensively, my mom single-handedly (in a way) brought Joash and me up. I’m thankful for her tremendous sacrifices.”

A celebration to remember

From top left: Pre-service quiz, IGNYTErs' song, Pastor Dominic's sharing

The service was online but it was no less meaningful.

Our IGNYTErs put together an ingenious video of their original heartfelt song thanking their mothers. Madam Chong Yen Ping, mother of IGNYTEr Gaston Liew, was touched. “As a mother, Mother's Day service is very special and personal to me. It was really heartwarming listening to the song presented by IGNYTErs. Despite the Circuit Breaker, our youths managed to coordinate and prepare a beautiful and meaningful piece. Our church has many talented youths. Praise the Lord! Kudos to all the leaders and pastors for their prayers and nurturing of our youth. I was also blessed by Pastor Dominic's prayer for all moms.”

Our Lead Pastor, Pastor Dominic Yeo, shared on Bible Mom Truths. Each of the four mothers described made a lasting impact on their child and brought forth a legacy that was so different from the other. And her legacy passes from generation to generation.

Hannah’s mom, Madam June Koh, was inspired by the sharing. “I am reminded to hold precious and sacred the times I spent with my children talking about God, reading the Bible and praying together. Those are the best times ever!”

Grandmother Wang Lock Wui certainly passed down her legacy to generations! “Mother’s Day is a day of remembering my own mother - her sacrifices for me and how she brought us all up. Much as I can, I try to give what she has given me to both my daughters and grandchildren. I try to point them to God’s Word. When they are young, I read Bible stories to them. I miss them during this Circuit Breaker period but we had a great dinner over Zoom for Mother’s Day with my mom, daughters and grandchildren. My grandson played the piano for us. That was really very special.”

For brand new mother Jessie Chew, birthing Isaac during the Circuit Breaker meant the usual welcoming for her baby was not possible. But God’s presence was sufficient, and she was reminded of His faithfulness.

“On the morning Isaac and I were being discharged from the hospital, I asked God for a prophetic word that I could hold on to for this new season. He led me to 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. My husband and I can be good parents despite challenges because His grace and wisdom will give us all that we need to raise Isaac to be a strong, happy, and healthy boy.

Pastor Dominic’s sharing of 2 Timothy 1:5 resonated with me because it was the verse that I held on to when I was carrying Isaac in my belly. Both my grandmothers and mother are Christian, making Isaac the fourth generation to grow up in a godly household. And when parents follow in His ways, God will reciprocate by showing love to a thousand generations (Exodus 20:6).”

For Jasmin Por, leaving a legacy of faith became very real this Circuit Breaker.

A Legacy to inherit and leave

Sometimes the legacy is extended not from biological parents.

IGNYTE Leader Nicky Tay with her Connect Group

Mother of three and IGNYTE Leader Nicky Tay recounts, “when I was growing up, I did not really have any adult who will guide me through the important decisions in life. It was only after I came to Christ and started growing and serving in church that I had older parents, older men and women who would give me advice and tell me what to do and even help me through job search. It’s such a privilege and blessing to be able to have these people in my life.” That led Nicky to spiritually mentor others herself.

“God loves and accepts us without being perfect and good enough. His acceptance of me really gave me an anchor for my life. Knowing who I am in Him and being able to accept myself helped me to accept others. God’s unconditional love and acceptance is what I hope people around me can catch unto. It’s the one big legacy I hope to leave.”

Working mother Kelly Ng also finds it rewarding be a Connect Leader and spiritual parent, even as there are challenges. “For years, I’ve been trying to connect three friends to God. First, there’s Catherine whom I’ve known for more than five years. I’ve been texting her weekly and meeting her prior to service to pray, and always trying to get her planted in a Connect Group. Then Irene whom I’ve been in touch with for three years, who had not been able to come to church because of family objection. And finally, an ex-colleague in Thailand who received Jesus over the phone five years ago, but since moving to a remote location, hasn’t had a church to go to.

My skin will grow thicker each time my invitations were rejected!

Amanda (11) cooked dinner for Kelly for Mother's Day

But God’s been doing something amazing this Circuit Breaker! When physical visits to my Connect Group were no longer possible, I continued to invite Catherine and Irene to services and Connect Group meetings online. Praise God, Catherine and her son are now planted in a Connect Group and Catherine’s son has received Jesus! Irene started attending services online and last Sunday, brought her two sons along for the first time!

As for my ex-colleague in Thailand, the Holy Spirit prompted me to get in touch with her about three weeks ago. It was a timely call as she was going through a financial crisis and was unable to sleep. Because our services was online, I could send her the link to our services. I also connected her to Pastor Steven and Pastor Margaret. Through them, she has been receiving devotionals and worship songs. She now knows God hears her cries!

This Mother’s Day has been one of the busiest for me because of the Circuit Breaker. But I’ve also received the biggest Mother’s Day gift – witnessing the three mothers connected to God. God is the source of love, and I know, as the mothers are connected to Him, they will be able to give more love.

The journey of motherhood, whether it be for my own daughter or others I spiritually mentor, is not easy. But like what Pastor Dominic shared, we each have a spiritual legacy to pass on. With steadfast trust in God and single-minded commitment, we can do it." Kelly Ng (names of friends have been changed)


Reflect & Respond

  • What legacy have you picked up from your mother and grandmother, and what legacy can you leave for others?

  • What legacy has God prepared for you?

  • How can you invite God into this journey of motherhood, whether it be biological or spiritual children?



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