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Up Close and Personal With Pastor Gerald (Part 1)

The Change of Command took place on Mar 12, where Pastor Dom officially stepped down as Lead Pastor of Trinity and handed the baton to Pastor Gerald. I took the chance to interview our Lead Pastor so you could get up close and personal with him.

By Jeanette Kwek

How did you become a Christian? Was Trinity your first church? How old were you?

Pastor Gerald Tan: I grew up in a non-Christian but very religious family. I used to go to temples very regularly. In my teenage years, I had a strong desire to become a Christian. I didn’t know why; I just wanted to be a Christian. I went to all my Christian schoolmates, but nobody wanted to take me to church.

The only one who finally agreed to accompany me was a Catholic, however he stood me up on the day we arranged to meet. When I asked him about it in school on Monday, he said he bailed on me because he thought I was pulling his leg!

Just like that, I gave my life to Jesus!

Sometime in the Easter of 1988, I found a friend to bring me and another friend to church. At the end of the presentation, nobody asked if I wanted to receive Jesus, and nobody came to talk to me even though I was new in the church.

On my way out of the building, I picked up a tract and brought it home to read. Just like that, I gave my life to Jesus. That is how I started attending church.

In that same year during Christmas, my parents received Jesus in Trinity Christian Centre at World Trade Centre. Dad received Jesus first, then one month later, Mom followed. A few months later, I decided to join them in Trinity; I attended the main service and… fell asleep most of the time.

Then I attended my first youth camp in June 1989, where I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, plus my full time-call.

What was it like growing up in Trinity from your youth days? Any milestones to highlight that were celebrated in Trinity?

Pastor Gerald Tan: Since my days in the youth ministry as a laity, I learnt what it means to serve sacrificially and to carry God’s heartbeat to the nations.

This is something strong that Trinity embodies. I also learnt to move in the power of the Spirit as a youth.

I learnt what it means to serve sacrificially and to carry God's heartbeat to the nations.

Some personal milestones for me in Trinity:

  • I was water baptised

  • I came into full-time ministry

  • I met my wife in a church camp, and married my wife, Audrey

  • We have two kids, Davian and Evanny.

I also witnessed the heritage of faith - the sowing and purchase of property. I saw Trinity move from World Trade Centre to Adam Road to Hoover Theatre. I was part of the youth group that moved to different locations, and now we see Trinity@Adam redeveloped.

It was also a beautiful privilege to see a group of 20 youth in Trinity@Paya Lebar grow to 120-strong within a year.

I understand that this will not be your first stint as the Lead Pastor of a church… but is it different for you?

Pastor Gerald Tan: Yes, definitely. Trinity was my home church since 1989. The first time I left Trinity was when I was sent to pastor a local AG church, from 2011 to 2018. I never expected that the Lord will bring me back to where He had sent me out from.

Trinity is a much bigger church with a larger global ministry, and in a different context. I am leading a much larger pastoral team and staff, leading a much bigger church with a larger impact on the world. With such an intentional succession plan, the church feels ready for a transition to the next season.

I never expected that the Lord will bring me back to where He had sent me out from.

We have been strong in leadership development, something that I am also very passionate about. With certain foundations in place, I look forward to building a strong church together, growing our missions, strengthening evangelism and families, winning souls, discipling the generations.


1988: Accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

1989: Started attending Trinity

1990: Water-baptized

1994: Joined Trinity as staff; Started TCA studies

1998: Became Youth Pastor

2002: Ordained as Reverend

2004: Became District Pastor

2011: Sent to pastor a local AG church

2018: Returned to Trinity as Director of Pastoral Ministry

2022: Appointed as Lead Pastor Designate

2023: Became Lead Pastor on March 12

This article was first published in Trinitarian Magazine Issue 1/2023 and adapted post Change of Command.


About the Author

Pastor Jeanette Kwek is the Director of Corporate Communications in Trinity Christian Centre. She enjoys reading and a good game of basketball.


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