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Abundant Living in a New Normal

Living abundantly in the Circuit Breaker? For sure! When it's Broadcast Life Conference!

By Jacqueline Cheong and Kristine Lee

There would have been a Church Camp. We should be able to go out. When our normal lives seemed stripped from us, God had something better in store.

What a feast!

23 different topics. 48 pastors from 4 nations. Over five nights, Trinitarians and friends were treated to a sumptuous buffet of practical tips for abundant living. The spread for Trinity's inaugural Broadcast Life Conference covered aspects of self-care, creative purposeful living, new skills, new thought-life, and empowering interactions.

Bite-sized, power-packed segments included cooking, flower arrangement, exercise, food and book reviews, methods to de-stress, theological debates, virtual tour, empowering sermons...the list goes on. The feast was delivered LIVE from the pastors' homes through the newly-launched Trinity Broadcast TV. "Dom can cook? Is that a new sermon title?" The program was so new some had to confirm they were what they were described to be.

"We wanted to create the platform for Trinitarians and friends to connect with us and be blessed through a variety of topics that is relevant to all ages. God is interested in all aspects of our lives, not just the spiritual. He wants us to have abundant lives, even during the Circuit Breaker," explained Pastor Gary Chia, Chairperson of the 18-strong organizing committee.


18 days. That's all the time the organizing committee, Trinity Broadcast and other departments plus laity had before the conference went LIVE.

"The team worked around 14-16 hours a day depending on their roles. But we had our lunch and toilet breaks for sure," committee member Pastor Eveleen joked.

"The conference format and platform were new to us. But in this period of disruptions, God enables us. It truly is the hand of God. Seeing everyone (the different teams and departments) come together to make this happen is the biggest blessing for me." added Pastor Allen who heads Trinity Broadcast.

Committee member Francis Yap reflected, "We were all previously part of the Church Camp committee. When Church Camp was cancelled, we were disappointed. Even though Broadcast Life Conference has never been done before, and we had a short time, we gladly accepted the challenge. Well, God had greater plans. The Broadcast Life Conference drew a record number of 3,212 registrants across 11 nations. He is over all!"

New levels of connection

Inviting everyone into their homes. Revealing personal likes and talents. It has never been done before. But our pastors were all for connecting with Trinitarians on a more personal level, and sharing God's abundance in daily living.

"This platform and agenda help bring me closer to Trinitarians because it shows that we are not very different from one another.

I wanted to demonstrate self-care with God's Creation being one of the blessings God gives us, so we can live an abundant life. And in turn, bless others with the same! I received a stalk of Gerbera with Philippians 4:13. Flowers were God’s language of love for me when I was down and far away from Him. They can show so much care and concern," shared Pastor Wendy Ong.

Pastor David Sashi revealed, "After discussing with [my wife] Amy, we decided to proceed with sharing our family altar time in our home. We just wanted to be an encouragement and show that it's not about perfection – but about the small investment of time now that will have huge returns when the children grow up. We wanted to share our learning journey."

Different ones were impacted and picked up how relatable the pastors were.

"Pastor David Sashi's authentic sharing on building the family altar impacted me. I recorded it on my phone during the catch-up to share with my brothers overseas. They too have young children." - Wong Sue Yin

"Though Dr Richard Goetz and Rev Dr Babu Immanuel differed over some aspects, their arguments were well-articulated and grounded in Christian history and doctrine.

I came out of the session with a better understanding of the topic and an appreciation of its complexities. Though some things may still continue to be a mystery to us, that should not stop us from strengthening our faith.

I enjoyed seeing the serious, no-nonsense expressions on the two panelists’ faces as they 'baffled' it out. In contrast, Pastor Dennis had a constant expression of joy/elation as he moderated the lively theological discourse. Everyone was in his element." - Vincent Lee

New perspectives of abundance

The gathering of three guest speakers is a triple treat. Pastor Martin Storey, Rev Ong Sek Leong and Rev Dishan imparted new perspectives to Trinitarians through God's Word that greatly encouraged many.

"I was facing some anxieties about my daughter's admission into university. On Wednesday night, Rev Dishan shared about facing the storm with eyes fixed on Jesus and with Him in our boat. I declared Jesus to be the anchor in my storm. On Thursday night, I declared along as Rev Ong touched on four biblical declarations that we can make of the blessings that God has given us. On Friday night, just as Life Conference started, I received the news that my daughter was accepted into university!" - Vivien Tan

"As usual I was having a stressful time at work. And I told God that I felt very drained. Then Rev Dishan shouted 'Don't quite, God is with you' so many times. And obviously God was with me at that point in time because the 'waterworks' [tears] came. God never gave me a concrete sign when I asked Him initially if I should quit. All I thought of was 'why quit, why stay?'. But this time it was a 'don’t quit because, girl, God is with you.' And yessssssss, I guess I’m not quitting anymore :') " - Low Sze Ting

New Normal

"Our lives should never be the same," said Pastor Dominic as he encouraged us to step into the new normal. A new normal with new skills, perspectives and routines that will bless others. It's an abundant life that is possible because God is faithful. He is over all.

For Pastor Dominic's full message, head to From 12pm on Mon, May 25, the catch-up of Broadcast Life Conference will be available.

Living out the new normal

Julia Chang caught on. "In Broadcast Life Conference, Pastors are sharing the realities of life and using their skills to bless others like myself. I am a non-cook. Even when friends nudge me to cook for healthier meals, I still won't budge. But this Circuit Breaker period has got me started on cooking. I have never tried an elaborate fish dish until Pastor Johnathan shared his recipe. The very next day, I got to work. I used the fish my Connect Leader bought for me when I was recuperating at home after my emergency surgery. It was the best meal I have cooked for myself! And now I can bless others, such as my mother, with my new skill!"

"It's my first attempt in more than 50 years to cook Thai Sweet Ginger Sauce Chilli Crispy Fish. Heartfelt thanks for this breakthrough in this 'new normal'.

I've benefited from all the Broadcast Life Conference program. In the midst of COVID-19, Broadcast Life Conference has ministered to my body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Not only spiritual food all the time, but physical food as well." - Angus Lee

"We were very disappointed when Church Camp was cancelled. God always reveals and speaks clearly to me regarding decisions and new things. With Broadcast Life Conference, I do not feel short-changed. It may be a new norm/new platform/new season and a new perspective, but God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. With an expectant heart, I look forward to what God is about to say or do." - Vivien Tan

Yes, there could have been a Church Camp. Yes, our lives are different. But the new normal looks abundant, because God is over all. This Circuit Breaker will be remembered, but for a different reason.


Reflect & Respond

  • What was the topic in Broadcast Life Conference that impacted you most?

  • How are you embracing the new normal?



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