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Anticipation Unveiled: Completion of Trinity Choa Chu Kang

Trinity Choa Chu Kang (CCK) is now home to the Trinity Bukit Batok congregation, and we believe it will be a lighthouse in the west, blessing the community by bringing them the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ!

By Jen Wang

Trinity CCK received the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) in the first quarter of 2024, praise God! This new center will include a sanctuary for the main service that can seat 900 people, a theatrette for Chinese Ministry services able to accommodate 300 people, a theatrette for IGNYTErs (ages 13-20) with a capacity of 150, a summit for DiscoveryLand (ages 4-12) and an activity room for our Nursery (birth-ages under 4).

He is the Waymaker, and truly, ... God paved the way for us.

Behind the Build: Testimony

Ling Ching Ching, the Building Project Administrator of Trinity CCK shares:

Being a part of the Trinity CCK project has been a roller coaster ride. There were many obstacles, struggles, and much excitement. Through every challenge we encountered on this building project, God reminded me that He is the Waymaker (Philippians 4:6), and truly, each time God paved the way for us.

Ching Ching (1st from the right)

Now that the Trinity CCK project is nearing completion, I bear witness to His faithfulness and provision for His glory.

On the grassroots level, people in the neighbourhood have been telling me that they are looking forward to the opening of Trinity CCK. I cannot help but feel overjoyed when I hear such comments and know that God is already at work in their hearts. Let us keep praying for softened hearts, ready and willing hearts to be welcomed into our House to encounter God!

I want to invite all of you to spend some time alone with God at the Amphitheatre Steps of Trinity CCK which is my favorite space! I recommend that you sit down, lean back, and look up to the sky!

Amphitheatre steps in Trinity CCK

Whenever I do that, a song always comes to mind, ‘I See You’ by Chris Tomlin:

I see You in the morning light,

I feel You in the fire by night.

I hear You say,

"Child, I am with you,

Everything will be all right."

Trinitarians, let us continue to pray:

  • That the finishing touches to the building be addressed well.

  • For a smooth transition and move into the new building and the neighborhood.

  • That God would open opportunities for us to bless and get to know the CCK community beyond the vicinity of the church building.

  • For CCK residents to be willing to come, connect with, and join us for services, events, and activities.

Being A Blessing

Before the center’s completion, our church community has been buzzing away with activity and vibrant outreach initiatives! There have already been efforts made to pave the way for a future filled with meaningful connections and impactful endeavors.

We want to be a blessing to the community.

We Pray!

Pastor Eveleen Ng relates, emphasizing the importance of praying and committing every endeavor to God before executing any plans, “Time was deliberately set aside during the preservice prayer segment at Trinity Bukit Batok to pray for the efforts in engaging the CCK community and prayer-walking at the vicinity of Trinity CCK in Oct 2023

Prayer walking around Trinity CCK on Oct 2023

We Go!

“Hello!” with Mandarin delights for Chinese New Year 2024

Pastor Eveleen led Connect Groups to reach out to the residents in CCK and the objective was simple, she stated with a smile, “We want to be a blessing to the community by first greeting them with a friendly hello!

Connect Groups coming together to visit and give out MAndarin delights on Jan 2024

In Jan 2024, 22 Connect Groups in the West were mobilized to visit and give out Chinese New Year Mandarin Oranges and Ang Pow packets to 1490 households in CCK.

During the visit, the Connect Groups conducted household surveys in CCK, asking residents about their areas of interest. The results revealed a keen interest in these main areas: exercise programs for a healthy, active lifestyle, and courses/workshops on parenting.

We Prepare!

From late February to early March, we collaborated with Pastoral Operation Pastors and Ministry Leaders to conduct a recruitment campaign for volunteers to support and serve at Trinity CCK upon its launch. We initially enlisted 42 volunteers over two Sundays, and as of April 30, a total of 62 Trinitarians have committed to serving. Praise God!

We Engage!

Our AlphaTrack Alumni reached out to interact with the elderly at St Luke's ElderCare, Keat Hong Centre, located just a stone’s throw away from CCK Trinity.

They had a great time knowing the elderly residents by conducting engagement programs, playing games, sharing stories, and doing arts and crafts activities together. 

Plans in the Pipeline for Trinity CCK

  • We are exploring possible collaborations with Social Services to run seminars/workshops on Parental and Family Life for residents in CCK.

  • We also intend to collaborate with community partners to host exercise programs onsite to engage the community.

We desire to be a beacon of light and hope.

A Lighthouse in the West

Come June 9, Sunday at 10 am will be the first service held at Trinity Choa Chu Kang!   

As we eagerly gear ourselves for the big shift into the new church building in CCK, we desire deeply to be a beacon of light and hope, shining the love of Jesus into the hearts of this township.

Trinity CCK

May the Lord bless this new center as a place of refuge for the weary and a haven for a thriving community of faith-filled believers where Trinitarians encounter God, experience life, and impact our world!

  • Pray for Trinity CCK to be a lighthouse in the neighbourhood, drawing the people into the love of Christ!

  • Join us for our 1st service at Trinity CCK on June 9, Sunday 10 am:

    • English (main), Level 3, Sanctuary

    • Chinese, Level 5, Theatrette 2

    • IGNYTE at Level 5, Theatrette 1

    • DiscoveryLand at Level 6, Summit

    • Nursery, Level 6, Activity Room

  • Indicate your interest in Trinity CCK in this linked form to find out about our church, events and upcoming worship centre at Choa Chu Kang


About the Author

Jen Wang relishes sharing a chuckle and great conversation with friends and family. She is a homebody blessed with a devoted husband and two adorable children. To God be the glory!


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