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Always Building for the One

During Vision Month 2020, Sarah Han reflects on what it means to build for the One.

Growing up as a second-generation Christian in Trinity, I’ve grown accustomed to the different traditions we have. Admittedly, it can sometimes feel like we’re going through the motions.

When Vision Month 2020 was announced, I wasn’t excited. It felt like just another service and just another sermon.

I’ve often wondered why Trinity holds a Vision Faith Promise every September. Why do we need it? Why do we need to keep building? Wasn’t it enough to just believe in Jesus?

God knew my struggle. He did more than answer my questions. He set out to change my perspective and heart.

A month of questions

We kicked off Vision Month with a message from one of our founders (Sister Kathleen Stanford) and a powerful sermon by Pastor Dowdy. These were women who walked the talk. The dedication they had to sowing into Trinity showed the importance of building this church.

They built for one so that my generation could build and bring God’s Kingdom to another level. Have I been building by faith just like they did?

In the second week, four guest speakers shared what it means to give thanks for what God has done for Trinity.

Pastor Al Toledo’s message talked about what we should do after the miracle has taken place. After we see the miraculous, we must do more than enjoy what God is doing. We must sit at the feet of Jesus to find out what He wants us to do next

God checked my heart that weekend. Was I sitting at the feet of Jesus? Did I know where God was leading me to? These were tough questions, but God was just getting started.

In the following weekend, four different guest speakers shared on what it means to continually pray and seek the Lord, no matter the times. We build for the One through prayer, but have I been praying?

A call to obedience

Over Vision Week, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús shared a message I needed to hear – one based on Abraham’s response to sacrificing Isaac (Genesis 22).

In that service, everything clicked. I saw how everything that happened during Vision Month came together.

While few Christians will be tested as Abraham was, we are all called to obedience.

Our founders obeyed the call to start Trinity so that there could be a Pentecostal witness in District 11. Generations of Trinitarians have obeyed the call to give so that we could go from nomads to having a place of our own.

They built so that we can build. And each time we build God’s House, the Gospel goes even further.

Faith before provision

When I SMSed the amount God showed me for my Vision Faith Promise, there was much more purpose about why I build the house of God.

Generations of Trinitarians exercised faith to build for the One. Their faith spurred God’s miraclulous provision.

Diverting drain for Trinity@Adam. Securing Trinity@Lavender. Bidding a whisker above the second-highest bid for Trinity@Paya Lebar. Getting the land to build Trinity@Choa Chu Kang. All these happened because we dared to believe and live out God’s prophetic word for this house.

And if we want the generations of tomorrow to experience their own miraculous provision, then we must continue to demonstrate obedience today.

Vision Month is more than a Faith Promise. It is a continual move of God to the expansion of the work that has been and will continue to be done.

Just as Isaac saw the faith of his father, we too have seen the faith of our founders. Let their faith inspire us to continue building for the One.


Reflect & Respond

  • What does building for the One mean to you?

  • What will you do to build for the One?



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