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First Virtual Children’s Day Event Thrills Kids

Host of activities make the week fun and engaging for the children (and their parents too).

By Arielle Yeo

In October, DiscoveryLand celebrated Children’s Day in a manner unlike any other. Through the DiscoveryLand Pack, we hosted our very first two-part virtual evangelistic event, Children’s Day Special!

The Children’s Challenge!

In the Children’s Challenge (October 10-16), the children pitted their skills and wits against our fun-loving youth and adults.

The Great Singapore Bake Off

Joshlyn and Zechlyn competed against Daddy Daryl Sung to bake the best butter cookies. With funky shaped treats made with lots of fun and love, the tasters declared our children the winners!

I enjoyed looking at everyone play games and learned how to make butter cookies – Ong Yin Lin, age 8

Virtual Picassos

Pre-Teen Yi Ren went head-to-head against Pastor Melvin Wong in a drawing challenge! Though it was tough to draw using their computers, our contestants still came up with amazing masterpieces.

This time, the victory went to Pastor Melvin – winning a point for the adults!

A race to the finish line

For the last challenge, the teams went back to Trinity@Paya Lebar for an obstacle course like no other.

Taking on youths from IGNYTE, everyone needed speed, agility, and the ability to fit into small spaces. By crossing the finish line first, the final victory went to our children!

I enjoyed the obstacle course. It was very funny because the youth couldn’t go through the chairs! I learned that it doesn't matter how old you are. With God, I can do anything! – Ian Kong, age 7

Games Day!

The following week (October 10-11), we continued the celebrations by hosting Games Day in our Online Connect Groups.

With our 7-9 year-olds coming together online for the first time, Zoom meetings buzzed with excitement. Conversations overlapped as the children reconnected with each other after months apart.

It really heartened me to see my friends again play a game together :) – Louis Chiu, age 11

I like how we all participated in the games. It was an opportunity to have more people come and join us at this fun time. – Rachel Chia, age 12

Blessed to be a blessing

No Children’s Day is complete without gifts! Since we couldn’t meet at church this year, all our children received two gifts in the mail – one for themselves and one to bless a friend with.

We are amazed at what God is doing in DiscoveryLand and are excited for what is ahead of us. Here’s to our children experiencing more of God!




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