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Dedication service seals 21 days of prayer and fast

Kicking off 2024 with a church-wide prayer and fast, Trinitarians took time out from the first 21 days of the year to hunger and seek after God. Hear their encounters and experiences that has deepened their love for God, his church and every soul! Be blessed as we thank God for these past 21 days and look forward to a 2024 filled with God encounters, experiencing life and impacting our world!

By Edward Lim

It was a start of the year like no other. At Watchnight Service, Trinity Christian Centre launched 21 days of church-wide prayer and fast to kick off 2024.

Over the next three weeks, Trinitarians took time to seek and hear from God – both individually and as a family. Some also made a beeline for church for the five days of Morning Prayer before heading to work.

Over these 21 days, one thing that God spoke to me about was to love souls relentlessly because of His unconditional love for them, and to take proactive steps to reach out to them,” said Pastor Wan Tat Liong of Chinese Ministry.

Trinitarians took time to seek and hear from God – both individually and as a family.

A Trinitarian in Birmingham shared on Padlet, "These 21 days of prayer and fast have helped me to become more conscious of the power and presence of God in my life. I feel more emboldened in my spirit knowing that there has been a real shift. I know that God is showing me, preparing me and equipping me for the work that He has called me to do." 

According to Jean Loy, Spiritual Parent of Mustard Seeds CG in Area 4, the 21 days showed her that God loves her very much, making her want to learn to love Him more and more each day. “God dropped words to me, gave me visions and touched me. I am humbled and in awe of His grace,” she said.

During this period, Jane Teo, Section Leader in the Japanese Ministry,  gleaned that God looks at her heart, not just her actions.

Personal devotionals, purposeful thoughts

Accompanying the prayer and fast was a 21-Day Journal written by various pastors and ministers. The personal devotionals covered different areas as God impressed upon us.

Many like Nancy Teh were grateful for the journal.

It helped me to be intentional and purposeful in my thoughts and prayers as I read and waited upon the Lord through this period of ‘circumcision’ of my heart,” said the Leader of Koinonia CG in Area 3.

The sharing by the pastors and ministers made the journal very relatable, while not losing focus on the Word of God,” said Pastor TJ Ooi of Creative Ministry.

Fern of Trinity Bangkok shared it was encouraging to pray and fast together. “I have become closer with God. When I was fasting and praying, I felt drawn to go deeper in God because I had the opportunity to spend more time to pray and read God's word. That made me hear God’s voice more clearly than ever,” she said

(The 21-day jounrnal) proved to be a very useful material for his family to share their individual journey of faith and to pray together.

To Pastor Tat Liong, the words of fellow pastors and ministers not only reminded him of his journey with God but also proved to be a very useful material for his family to share their individual journey of faith and to pray together.

"You will seek me and find me

when you seek me with all your heart.  

I will be found by you,” declares the Lord,” "

Jeremiah 29:13-14

Worshipping God, breaking fast together

The 21-Day Prayer and Fast culminated in the Dedication Service on January 21, 2024.

2,500 Trinitarians of all ages and languages packed the Sanctuary with the service live-streamed to our overseas centres.

For Trinity Birmingham, this was their first Dedication Service as part of the Trinity family. “It was special to join hands together as a biological and a spiritual family as we prayed together dedicating ourselves to the Lord,” said a Trinitarian in Birmingham.

For the first time in Trinity, I was thankful to have to keep going further down into the basement carpark for a parking spot! I was awed that God’s house was filled for Dedication Service. Trinitarians were so ready to dedicate themselves to the Lord for what He is going to do,” said Nancy.

Trinitarians were so ready to dedicate themselves to the Lord for what He is going to do.

After a time of worship, Guest Speaker Pastor Ong Sek Leang, General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Malaysia and Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle, led the congregation into an extended time of worship. The altar was flooded as he called Trinitarians to come forward to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

Pastor Sek Leang then declared prophetically that Trinity will experience an open door that leads to a new era of expansion in the spiritual realm.

Dedication Service was so meaningful. I felt that it brought the church closer to actionate on Trinity 3.0. It is no longer just about fanning and rallying to the new theme but entering into the new era God has prepared us,” said Henry Tan, Leader of Chosen Vessels CG in Area 1.

Pastor TJ sensed that there was a hunger and readiness of Trinitarians to step into the new season of the church. “Rev Ong's prophetic release over the worship ministry has stirred my spirit even more to expect a greater move of God in the days ahead,” he said.

After Dedication Service, Trinitarians moved to various parts of Trinity Paya Lebar to break fast together. On the menu were meat or fish porridge and a choice of two soupy sweet desserts – soft food so that all could resume having regular meals smoothly.

To break fast with my faith community that journeyed together through the 21 days is sweeter than the dessert and more heartwarming than the porridge served,” said Jean.

Trinitarians in Birmingham gave thanks, "Breaking fast together was great!  We had a delicious soup and got to spend quality time with the church family,

Nancy felt that the breaking of fast together was super cool. “It’s like the Book of Acts coming alive! From 21-day Prayer and Fast to the five Morning Prayers to breaking fast together,” she said.

Besides some food in the stomachs, all who attended were given a tumbler emblazoned with the new Trinity Christian Centre logo. This is a special gift that marks the occasion of dedicating ourselves as Trinitarians in this new chapter and season of building this church.

A new journey, a new beginning

With the 21 days over, the rest of the year beckons and leaves many hungry for more of God.

"My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”

Your face, Lord, I will seek."

Psalm 27:8

I am looking forward to more new things and new ways that God will show me. I have already experienced how God has led me to adopt new ways of leading the Japanese cell, and it has been rewarding,” Jane said.

Our journey of encountering God does not end after these 21 days, but has just begun.

Trinitarians in Birmingham “plan to make fasting and praying a regular part of my weekly routine”, and a “regular discipline in my life”.

Pastor TJ believes that the manifest presence of God will bring forth signs, wonders, and miracles from the time service begins and worship starts.

Fern looks forward to seeing miracles happen in the lives of Trinitarians, and for us to become more like Jesus. “And I am looking forward to seeing many people saved in Trinity!

In his devotional on the last day of the 21-Day Journal, Pastor Gerald Tan, Lead Pastor of Trinity Christian Centre, summed up aptly that our journey of encountering God does not end after these 21 days, but has just begun.

I am excited as we embark on this journey to love God passionately, love church zealously, and love souls relentlessly. I believe that God is preparing us to have a renewed relationship with Him, to grow in Him like never before,” he wrote.

What about you?

Share your experience and testimony of the 21-Day Prayer and Fast here. You can also read and be blessed by what others have shared there.


About the Author

A donkey for Christ, Pastor Edward Lim is driven by a love for God and His people. He has served in various capacities since stepping into Trinity as a teenager. He is also a public relations professional with a deep passion for technology.


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