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No More Pain

"I felt prompted to check if the soreness in my lower back was still there. To my surprise, the soreness was completely gone."

By Janice Ng

Guitarist Anne Seet suffered from a sore lower back while serving as part of the worship team on Power Weekend. The pain made it difficult for her to walk and stand. After Rev Raymond Mooi prayed for those with illness or pain in their body to stand, he asked them to check if the pain was gone.

Reverend Raymond Mooi

“I felt prompted to also check if the soreness in my lower back was still there. To my surprise, the soreness was completely gone,” she said.

Anne’s healing was one of many witnessed over Power Weekend on February 25 and 26.

Guitarist Anne Seet

Trinitarians and friends brought their needs to God, believing that He will work through Rev Raymond, whose sermon was preached live at one center and livestreamed to other centers.

Sharing from the familiar passage of Lazarus’ death, Rev Raymond highlighted:

Even though Martha and Mary both felt that Jesus was late in saving their beloved brother Lazarus (John 11:21; 32), His ways and timing is not ours. God is able to turn our seemingly impossible situations around!

Sometimes, God’s ways may seem puzzling to us, as recorded in verse 6 of the same passage where Jesus did not seem hurried. Similarly, for those who may have experienced silence and delay in answers to prayers, Rev Raymond exhorted all who may have felt battle-fatigued from problems.

“This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it,” he said.

Amid the atmosphere of anticipation after the sharing of God’s Word, Rev Mooi prayed specifically for those with physical conditions – of spine, bones, ears, eyes, blood, and skin. After a time of praying for these specific needs, the congregation members were asked to test out what they could not do before. There were shouts of excitement, jubilation and praise as many experienced healing.

Megan Lee, who attended the 5pm service at Trinity@Adam, witnessed how God released her stiff fingers. At the same time, she also felt God remove a lump in her throat and heal her cough.

Megan Lee, who attended the 5pm service at Trinity@Adam:

Even though our guest speaker is not here physically, the presence of God is here and I just received in faith. And even though my needs were not exactly what Rev Raymond mentioned, I believe that God knows and has healed me. He understands, He knows our needs, and He is powerful and loving.

Many went on stage to testify of healing from various joint pains. They experienced freedom and mobility in their limbs, joints and fingers. Others may need to undergo further tests and checks to confirm the touch of God in their situations.

God is indeed still in the business of healing. Those of us who need a miracle can call upon the name of Jesus and declare victory over these situations. And don’t forget to testify what God has done for and in you!

Do you have a testimony to share about how God has blessed or ministered to you? Send in your testimony via to bless and encourage others!

Reflect & Respond
  • Are you, or any loved one, in need of God's healing and deliverance? May faith arise in you to pray and believe for complete healing through the blood of Jesus Christ.

  • If you have experienced God's healing at this Power Weekend, please send your testimony to

  • Watch other Power Weekend healing testimonies here!


About the Author

Janice enjoys shooting hoops with her husband and chasing the shuttle with her Connect Group mates from Patmos. Growing up in Trinity since 1988, she admittingly spends too much time in the ballet studio.


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