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Searching for Hope

This December, our DiscoveryLand children traveled the galaxy for a special Christmas gift.

By Ong Hui En

Somewhere in space in a galaxy far, far, away, lived three siblings – Zap, Zee, and Zoe. During Christmas, they had an important mission: to complete all the tasks and discover the meaning of hope.

They were not alone in this space journey. From December 12-25, our children also joined them online for this Christmas Special!

As the cadets traveled through time and space, they were joined by some special Bible characters – the magi and the shepherds. They, too, were looking for hope – the promised Messiah!

Continuing through the galaxy, they were joined by Pre-Teen Kylie Tan who shared about her journey from feeling unloved and unaccepted to a life filled with joy and purpose. Today, Jesus is Kylie’s hope!

Throughout Singapore, our children (and their parents) hosted watch parties in their homes for friends and family. We rejoice for everyone who have made Jesus their living hope. Truly, the presence of God was among us this Christmas!

  • “Because of this party, my friends had time to think about Jesus. They enjoyed themselves and want my parents to have another party!” – Ian Kong, age 7

  • “I watched the Christmas Special with a friend. I asked her to say the salvation prayer with me and she did!” – Joanna Chong, age 7

  • “I enjoyed the adventures in the Christmas Special. Together with my mom, I shared Christ with my three oikos. They all made decisions for Jesus!” – Jadon Lau, age 8

  • “I hosted a Christmas watch party for my friends and I could tell that one of them accepted Jesus into her life. I introduced her to the DiscoveryLand Pack after that and she watched it too!” – Anya Lian, age 10

  • “The Christmas Special was interactive and fun! My friends could understand more about who Jesus is. I learned that it’s not difficult to invite our friends to church.” – Janelle Goh, age 12

  • “My grandmother watched the Christmas Special with me and made a decision for Jesus!” – Ryan Wan, age 12



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