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Serving is a Privilege and Joy

A community of believers with a heart to serve God and His people.

The vibrant atmosphere we experience in church is not by coincidence but by the love and heart of service of Trinitarians.

From welcoming congregants and teaching the young ones to keeping traffic flow smooth and maintaining security – our celebration hosts, nursery and DiscoveryLand teachers/helpers, traffic marshals, and security marshals serve God joyfully.

The beautiful worship experience that stirs our spirits and ushers in the presence of God is made possible by musicians and singers who use their talents to lead congregants in worshipping God.

Behind the visual experience that engages our senses is a team of technical/video and lighting crew who find fulfillment in knowing that they help enhance worship for congregants.

Weekend on-site church services are streamed live so those at home do not miss out on worshipping God. Those attending online services can engage with hosts, praise God, and make prayer requests — thanks to the work of broadcast crew and online moderators who are blessed as they witness the thanksgiving and testimonies shared.

Let us hear as these faithful servants of God share why they choose to serve.

Andy Png, Traffic Marshal

“I miss coming to church. It’s great to be serving as a traffic marshal again. I feel such joy welcoming people as they come back on-site.”

Imelda Lie, Online Moderator

“Attending online service at home alone can feel a little isolating. When I serve as an online moderator, I find joy in bringing Trinity’s vibrant atmosphere into others’ homes. I am also encouraged to see many Trinitarians and even visitors from all over the world participate in our online chats on Facebook and YouTube with thanksgiving and testimonies. It’s a blessing to witness God’s community thrive even during this pandemic.”

Wu HuiHui, Video Team In-charge, Trinity@Bukit Batok

“It is always a challenge to wake up early in the morning on a Sunday to serve at 7:30am… it still is… but it’s never a regret. Recently, I was feeling unwell and worried I could not serve the next day. But God, as usual, works miracles and I woke up on Sunday feeling refreshed. As I served, I was ministered to by the sermon. That God encounter was priceless.

I am glad to be a part of His kingdom work and relish the joy of being part of a team that brings the congregation into God’s presence through the lyrics, slides, and resources that I share on screen in the worship hall.”

Grace Yong, Keyboardist

“Serving the Lord in worship ministry since my youth has been a tremendous privilege and joy. Through serving as a keyboardist, I’ve experienced God’s presence in such tangible ways during our times of corporate worship. It’s also amazing how He takes the little I have and uses it. When I struggle with any lack (of ability, time, energy), His grace is always more than sufficient for me.”

(Daniel is pictured left in photo)
Daniel Yue, Broadcast Crew, Security Marshal

“I took on the challenge to serve in an additional ministry and be obedient to God’s word in Romans 12:13 which says, ‘When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.’

Today, I have the privilege to serve as security marshal and in broadcast streaming. I’m happy that I can be a blessing to others; it’s indeed a privilege and honor to serve in the Lord’s house. As I serve, I see God’s hand upon my life, and this brings me great joy and satisfaction.”

Mira Ha, Lighting Volunteer

“Serving as a lighting volunteer helps me express the creativity that God has given me for His glory. I also serve to give back to the church that I have found a biblical home in. I’ve enjoyed memorable moments, like the time when Pastor Dominic surprised us by walking down the sanctuary stage and we had to scramble to shine a spotlight on him.”

(Leonard serving alongside wife)
Leonard Chua, Celebration Host In-Charge (IC)

“As a Celebration Host IC, I find great joy seeing the body of Christ come together in unity to serve one another. Even though congregants may not see the smiles behind our masks, they experience our warmth and connection through our hands and hearts. As we serve, I witness other Trinitarians coming forward to volunteer to serve alongside us.”

(Alvin is pictured left in photo)
Alvin Er, Celebration Host (CH)

“I serve because I want to play my part to build God’s church. It comes naturally because it’s a basic demonstration of my love for God. As a CH, it brings me great joy and fulfillment in providing others with a wonderful experience at church that they are eager to come back to church again, bringing others with them.”


You, too, can have the privilege and joy of serving God and His people. Be an instrument of blessing to His people and build His House!

Sign up here and pick a role that suits your gifting or interest. Training will be provided.

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