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TFTD. Set Up for Life.

Reflections from Thought for the Day.

By Kristine Lee

Thought of the Day (TFTD) was launched on Mon, May 18. The idea behind it was birthed two years ago (read about the launch here). But the heart behind it is God's heart of communion and conversing with us, birthed before the foundation of the world. Hear how different ones have been blessed.

"Working from home has brought a shift in my work routine, as it has for many others.

In particular, the busyness of being in the office, working with colleagues, and being in meetings gave me a sense of purpose and productivity. Without being in the office, there has been a tangible drop in the pace of work and collaboration which made me feel uneasy and frustrated for weeks.

Pastor Dominic’s TFTD was a good reminder that my identity is founded in Christ, rather than chasing a need for productivity and efficiency at work to boost my self-worth. I find this a good add-on to my TAWG, as it is a bite-sized nugget of the Word.

For my mom and I, the program has allowed us to share our own faith journey with each other as we reflect on the verse and sharing of the day. We spend a few moments to share how the message applies to us. It’s a blessing to know that God’s working in our lives every new day." - Noelle Lim

"I have, ashamedly, been spending the start of my holidays catching up on sleep and binge-watching online videos. Strangely, depressing thoughts started to overwhelm me, spiraling me into negativity. So I decided to start the day with my quiet time, something I would do on workdays. Coincidently, TFTD was launched - the timing must be of God.

Of late, I keep feeling the sense of condemnation that I am lousy and not good enough. I’ve also realized I seem to look for people’s affirmation so today’s message really spoke to me. The reminder that I am a child of God, a princess, liberates me. As royalty, I do not need to be concerned with life’s haves or have nots. God has already prepared for me everything that I need, according to my sphere of abilities and personality.

The entire week’s TFTD seem tailored to me as I am currently transitioning to a new workplace. God’s affirmation to me as His child and the messages to consecrate myself to make room for Him spurs me to persevere in my worship to Him through my work.

Our God is truly amazing. When we intentionally seek Him, He always turns up. I am so glad I made the effort to wake up daily to be at His feet. Pastor Dominic's devotions definitely helped to set and start this routine for me." - D. Lau

Vivien's Connect Group forming the shape of a heart

"When Pastor Dominic mentioned Revelation 3:20, I was immediately taken back to the vision I had in 2016 about walking through doors.

It led me to stepping up to God's appointed door as a Connect Leader in the appointed time that God had for Charlie and me. There have been challenges along the way, but as I fully relied on the Holy Spirit's leading, He has helped me overcome.

It was a reminder of God's faithfulness and goodness.

I know God has more doors for me to step through. Even though I do not yet know what this door is, I now have fresh conviction to go through it when the appointed time comes." - Vivien Tan

Tune in to the daily devotional TFTD on every Mon-Fri, 8am and 10pm (repeat telecast).


Reflect & Respond

  • How has spending time in God's Word been a blessing to you?

  • How can Thought for the Day help you get into a routine of spending Time Alone With God?



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