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Trinity Hosts First Virtual AGM

In a year when gatherings have been downsized, Trinity’s 41st Annual General Meeting became a virtual affair.

Every May, Trinity’s constitution requires the church to host an Annual General Meeting (AGM) – a time when members can engage with the leadership about the stewardship of church resources.

In a year when COVID-19 has downsized gatherings, the 41st AGM was initially delayed. Eventually, a decision was made host the AGM via Zoom on August 23.

Hosting our first-ever virtual AGM was no small feat. There was logistics to think through. There was additional equipment to set up. Trinity’s leadership had to clear their schedules for rehearsals. Many people and hours were involved to ensure that things ran smoothly.

While the medium of communication may have changed, the level of engagement remained the same. Protocols were adhered to. Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo and the Board of Directors answered pre-submitted questions. And concluding the AGM was the (re)election of five members to the Board.

Trinity’s 2020-2021 Board of Directors

We thank God for these men and women who serve sacrificially for this house. Let’s keep them in prayer as they lead us in this Decade of Expansion!




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