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When We Build God’s House, He Builds Ours

When the season of COVID-19 pandemic could have been tumultuous for many people, but it was a time that God used to bring about restoration for Trinitarian Michelle Wong, and her household. Let us hear from her as she shares her testimony.

By Shireen Kriplani

The Road Back to God

God has blessed me with an amazing family and a great career where I traveled frequently during pre-COVID-19 days. I thought I was a good Christian who did the necessary like going to church and occasionally reading God’s Word.

When Covid-19 first hit in 2020, I was grounded because of Circuit Breaker restrictions. God had my full attention. Unsuspectingly, God started to speak to me gently to become a member of Trinity Christian Centre.

I am calling each of my tribes back to battle and will bless them

His words to me were, “I am calling each of my tribes back to battle and will bless them. You need to become a member of Trinity.”

It was not until this nudge from God that I felt the urgency to become a member. The process of going through New Life courses and joining a Connect Group (CG) felt like a disruption to my schedule.

However, God was patient with me, His words resounded repeatedly. Eventually, I obeyed, and a personal revival was taking place.

Making Time for Him

I had no idea what God was about to do in my life. He introduced me to a CG where believers are so generous in love and spirit.

The longing to be in his presence grew.

Every week, they helped me draw closer to Jesus. Growing together in the CG, I was reminded to:

  • pray for my loved ones

  • live in His new mercies every morning

  • bring all my cares and concerns to Him

  • be in a fellowship of believers who gather to worship God

Tears started flowing. The longing to be in His presence grew. I had a deep desire to attend church onsite and worship Him in His sanctuary. When the call for helpers in DiscoveryLand came, I was overjoyed to join as a volunteer.

When God Blesses, He Means it.

I experienced God's blessings in a season of personal transformation. God had bigger plans for me and my household. In August 2021, Pastor Dominic Yeo preached on sermon, Build God's House, and He will Build Yours. I never thought this would be so real to us.

For many years, we desired to sell our house and upgrade to a bigger space. Nothing happened until in September 2021, unexpectedly, God prompted us to look around. We were introduced to a property agent who was different from the rest. She refrained from the usual industry banter and did not rush us. Instead, she listened.

A couple of weeks after listing for sale, the agent brought us an offer that was beyond what we asked. Praise the Lord! In retrospect, I realized God had stopped us from spending unnecessarily on any small-scale house renovation, which would be redundant when we move to a new house. God cared for us meticulously.

My faith was stretched as I trusted God to guide us on the right house to buy.

My faith was stretched as I trusted God to guide us on the right house to buy. Many worries and doubts began to engulf us. Within a month of selling, God delivered. He opened the door to a property we had always loved. It was at a right time and price too.

Stretching Our Faith as a Household

God challenged me to increase my Faith Promise. He did not need my money but wanted to increase my faith. Fearfully, I asked the Lord how much more I should be giving. His answer came through my daughter, Sophie, at DiscoveryLand. She told me that she committed double of what she was giving. By faith, I did the same.

Shortly after, we faced a cash flow problem for the new house. We had overlooked some cash requirements for the purchase. Mentally, I had exhausted all avenues. But I prayed that God would provide the funds without a loan, and again He did not fail us.

I will open my storehouses and pour out my blessings.

Miraculously, He revealed an area in my stock investment that had multiplied in the last five years. When I cashed that in, it was MORE than sufficient, a promise from God that came through when He said to me, “I will open my storehouses and pour out my blessings.”

This experience brought my pre-believing husband closer to Jesus as divine intervention was evident. He was open to praying and declaring God's hand of grace over our situation.

God's Blessings Continued

The next challenge was we needed to rent for a couple of months while the new house underwent renovation. In our first viewing, the agent informed us of the sudden surge in demand.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders build in vain.

My earthly self then panicked and started overthinking. Again, God patiently told me to turn my heart and focus unto Him. He assured me that He would provide a house for me and my household.

Truly, God opened the door to a rental house that fulfilled all we needed. It was near to our daughter's school. It was fully furnished and there was no penalty for short-term rental. I could not hide my bursting excitement to want to praise God and His goodness.

Delivery of His Blessings

Now, I wake up every day in awe of this beautiful new home God has blessed us with. He has orchestrated every detail and worked out His purposes mysteriously in our lives as mentioned in Psalm 77:19, "Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen."

There is so much more Jesus is doing for us as I continue to believe Him for:

  • The salvation of my loved ones

  • Being an impact in the workplace

  • Bringing more unsaved into His Kingdom

There is so much more Jesus is doing for us.

It says in Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

Like how God restored and built my faith, family and life, may you allow Him who gives everyone life and breath and everything else (Acts 17:25) to restore and build you to greater than before.

We are always delighted to receive testimonies. Give God the glory and write to to celebrate what God has done in your life.


About the Author

Shireen Kriplani's cheerfulness brings smiles to people around her. She loves to bake and savor dark chocolate. Worship and Praise is her weapon to overcome life's tough days.


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