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When We Look with Our Hearts

“There can be miracles when you believe” echoes from the soundtrack: When You Believe, from the movie Prince of Egypt, when God delivered His people from slavery. It takes faith to believe, “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). We need faith to build for generations.

By Zoey Tay

Faith was stirred up amongst Trinitarians as we gathered as a family. From September 16 to 18, guest speaker Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn, Senior Pastor of Skyline SIB, Malaysia, exhorted us with sermons titled, “This One Thing” (Vision Rally), and “When the Miraculous Chooses You” (Vision Weekend).

When the Miraculous Chooses You.

Trinitarians who heard the powerful messages preached were empowered to look with our hearts and not our minds. With faith in our hearts, a grand total of $12,147,164.88 was committed to this year’s Vision Faith Promise.

Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn preaching at Vision Weekend

With a vision of “Building for Generations”, Trinitarians committed to give to the building fund, to build more storehouses for the harvest that God will give to us. When souls come to know and accept Jesus Christ as Lord, they will fill the new houses in time to come. We are excited about the coming opening of Trinity@Adam on December 31 and, the projected opening of Trinity@Choa Chu Kang in the second half of 2023. We also look forward with anticipation for other building opportunities that God will give to us.

As a new member of the Trinity family, I was floored. Deeply impacted by the Kingdom culture, I wondered what God was downloading into the hearts of Trinitarians!

Three Trinitarians, Daniel Pang from Campus Ministry, Shireen Kriplani and her husband, shared with us how this year’s Vision Weekend had left an indelible mark on them.

On celebrating Vision Month...

Shireen's Husband: Pastor Dr. Philip Lyn emphasized that we should look towards the future of what God has planned for us and stay focused on the one main thing – getting souls saved for eternity.

Building for Jesus is about capturing God’s heartbeat for people, running with that purpose, and passing the baton to next generations.

Shireen: Vibrant! Trinity is always creative and passionate. The prayer pointers for our 21-day fast and prayer, thoughtful mementos where we could chart our journey through Vision Month with the prayer card, prayer impressions and faith promise card. Not to forget, the photobooth we could visit with our physical and spiritual family. Despite the size of our church, there is always warmth and a sense of belonging.

Daniel: Capturing photos at the photo booth was a great way to remind us of the wonderful relationships we have forged in Trinity. The photos also remind us that it is the people who collectively build the church for the coming generations.

The building and its structures and equipment do not make the church. The church is more than these things. Rather, the people make the church. We are responsible for partnering with God to ensure that Trinity leaves a legacy that lasts through generations.

Such a Kingdom culture was indeed infectious and unforgettable for me.

It was exhilarating for me to witness the numbers ascending from five to eight figures on Sunday. Behind the numbers were Trinitarians living out their core values of passionate honor, relentless belief, audacious fervor, and contagious faith.

A deep desire to see revival and Kingdom expansion was expressed through their abundant offering unto God. Such a Kingdom culture was indeed infectious and unforgettable for me. Especially when the miraculous chose me to serve the Lord in Trinity at a time such as this.

Reflect & Respond
  • Is there anything about the past that the Lord is revealing to you to forget so that you can forge towards the future?

  • What are some hindrances stopping you from building for generations? How can you look with your heart and respond in faith?


About the Author

Zoey Tay loves God and desires to host His presence wherever she goes. She is like sunshine in spring, warm and kind. A good laugh from watching a romance comedy can invigorate her soul.


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