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The Vision Faith Promise: Building a Home for Every Center

As we approach Vision Rally and Vision Weekend, God is inviting us to rise to a new level of faith through a Vision Faith Promise.

Trinity@Adam was the only center in 2000; today we have multiple locations across Singapore.

In 2000, Dr Ché Ahn and other evangelists prophesied that Singapore was ripe for revival, and that God would use Trinity Christian Centre’s future centers to gather a great harvest of souls locally and beyond.

In this Decade of Expansion, it takes all Trinitarians to come together with their Vision Faith Promises to build a home for every center!

What is a Faith Promise?
  • An opportunity to partner with God to exercise your faith and give to bless others.

  • A time to ask the Lord how much He wants you to give towards a specific area of His Kingdom-work (e.g. Trinity’s Vision)

  • A financial commitment between you and God. This is based on the figure God has impressed upon your heart, and believing by faith that God will provide the amount in the year.

Where does my Vision Faith Promise go?
  • Every fulfilled Vision Faith Promise goes into Trinity’s Building Fund, a restricted fund established to finance the acquisition, redevelopment, retrofitting, additions and alterations, renovation, improvement, repair, and maintenance of buildings, properties, plant and equipment, furnishings, fittings, and fixtures required for the purposes of the Church.

Filling out a Faith Promise Card

How do I make a Vision Faith Promise?
  • Come to Vision Weekend! Collect a Faith Promise Card from one of our Celebration Hosts. Complete the Faith Promise Card and give the upper portion to our Celebration Hosts.

  • If you can’t make it for Vision Weekend, collect and complete your Faith Promise Card at our Information Counters.

We are excited about what God can do in and through us as we partner with Him this Vision Month. Ultimately, we believe God will use our centers to see lives saved.


Book your seats for

Vision Rally, Fri Sep 24, 8pm Trinity@Paya Lebar

Vision Weekend, Sat & Sun, Sep 25 & 26 Trinity@Paya Lebar

Vision Weekend, Sun, Sep 26 Trinity@Bukit Batok

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