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Youths Moved to Move Hearts

Our youth ministry IGNYTE invited more than 500 participants to 'Be The Move,' blessing three beneficiary organizations with S$500,000.

IGNYTErs and their loved ones participating in exciting Be The Move challenges

God ignites us to move audaciously in critical times.

On Aug 7, our youth ministry IGNYTE launched Be The Move, a youth-driven initiative raising funds for three local beneficiaries: Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), Care Community Services Society (CCSS), and Teen Challenge Singapore.

Inspired by Christ’s call to love all people, IGNYTErs met with beneficiary organizations to understand the pressing needs of the disadvantaged in Singapore, such as guest workers, families in need, and those struggling with substance dependency.

For five weeks, more than 500 youths and their loved ones joined fun social media challenges and a 5km Move Challenge held at eight locations across Singapore to raise awareness for these needs, prompting purposeful conversations and generous donations.

The charity drive concluded on Sep 11, culminating in a celebratory Finale Service of games, music, dance, and sharing.

'Be The Move' Finale Service | Sep 11, 2021

More importantly, there was a vibrant atmosphere of thanksgiving and praise to God for what He had done. By God’s grace, IGNYTErs had raised a total of S$130,274.46, and in support of their efforts, Trinity topped up the amount, bringing the total to half a million dollars.

Zanna Low (right), 15, emcee of Be The Move’s Finale Service, shared: “When I first signed up for Be The Move, it felt like another Values In Action (VIA) project without the VIA hours. However, after interviewing the lead director of AGWO, I felt a strong sense of empathy towards the beneficiaries and I began to pour out my heart to help them.”

Guest of Honor, Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law, recognized IGNYTE and presented checks to AGWO, CCSS and Teen Challenge Singapore at a check presentation ceremony on Oct 9, 2021.

“IGNYTE has blazed a trail and in their fund-raising efforts, have put others first instead of adopting a me-first mentality. It is this spirit that will really move the needle in Singapore. Thank you for doing this. It’s not just the money raised, but the awareness brought to the needs of others, and I hope that people will continue in the path that you have blazed.”

– Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law

Pastor Dom addressing IGNYTErs at check presentation ceremony

People say, ‘Youths are the leaders of tomorrow,' but I've always said, ‘Youths are the leaders of today!’ As leaders of today, it is important that our youth are cognizant of the needs in the community and the struggles of the under-privileged. Having them play active roles in community initiatives will shape their perspective and develop empathy for the disadvantaged and the underserved, thus building a cohesive and inclusive society,” said Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo.

“To see such passion of the young people as well as the boldness and compassion towards the underserved in the community was truly a testament to the missional call of the Church,” said Reverend Samuel Gift Stephen, Lead Director, AGWO. Funds will go towards meeting physical needs from food, toiletries, and snacks, to providing healthy social activities, education classes, and spiritual empowerment to guest workers under the care of AGWO.

CCSS and Teen Challenge Singapore will channel funds towards providing practical and emotional support to the young, old, youths, and disabled across Singapore. “I am sure each [IGNYTEr] has gone the extra mile in rallying their friends, relatives, and school mates to raise awareness of our current social needs. For that I am eternally grateful,” said Mr Dewin Lee, Executive Director, CCSS.

“It is great that Trinity took an active step in helping charities during these trying times. It’s heartening to see such a committed team and I am encouraged by the energy, initiative exhibited and above all, it is driven by the youth of Trinity,” said Mr Silas Tan, Director, Teen Challenge Singapore.

Brother Jonathan Foo, advisor of the Be The Move committee, expressed that the fundraiser was the most collaborative event Trinity’s youth ministry has ever organized. IGNYTE youths were personally challenged to take up new roles within the initiative, including digital content generation for Be The Move's microsite and Telegram channel. “Seeing IGNYTErs rise to the occasion to move out of their comfort zones is what I’m most proud of,” shared Brother Jonathan.

Though Be The Move has drawn to a close, participants are still impacted by a deeper understanding of the eternal value of carrying God’s love in tough times.

Trinitarian Aaron Draviam receiving a warm hug from 'Be The Move' mascot

“This is what it means to be the church. We are not called to remain hidden behind closed doors but to bring the hope of Christ to those in need. In the past month, we have seen this generation rise in boldness to put others ahead of themselves and show the world what truly matters.” – Yoshiki Kaneko, IGNYTE Secondary Zone adult leader

Claris (bottom left) with her friends completing the 5km BE THE MOVE Challenge
"More than the funds that were raised, I truly believe that we should not just stop here but continue what we’ve started, to show love to those around us," said Claris Chai, 16.

This Social Justice Weekend, we would like to thank everyone who gave generously, and remind all that it does not stop here. As Pastor David Sashi of IGNYTE has said, "'Be The Move' has ignited a fresh hunger and desire to be a people of love and impact in a real and tangible way, for an eternal cause of winning people to Jesus – a mission that we will definitely never stop moving towards!”

Let’s continue to Be The Move for God’s purposes in our generation!


Reflect & Respond

  • Has God ever moved you in compassion towards others? How can you put their needs above your own today?

  • The majority of Jesus’ ministry was directed towards the poor, disabled, weak, and ill. What does that mean for us today? Catch the Social Justice Weekend sermon on the Trinity App this week!


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