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A Year After: An Interview With Our Ambassador at Large

Hear our Ambassador-at-Large, also Chairman of the World Assemblies of God fellowship, share passionately about Impacting our World.

By Pastor Dominic Yeo

From our early days, Trinity has always placed the nations before ourselves. Carrying God’s heart to impact our world became our heart as we partnered with churches and ministries overseas to impact and transform their communities. Handing the baton of lead-pastorship to Pastor Gerald has enabled the multiplication of the talents of this house to serve the nations. The experience of leading Trinity and our breakthrough stories are success case studies for the various denominational-level meetings I speak and minister at.

Lead Pastor Gerald Tan and his fmaily being appointed and exalted at last March's Change of Command Ceremony.

Many national leaders have made official learning visits to Trinity. Our stories have inspired the nations from organization skills to church planting strategies, raising leaders and building facilities.

Our stories have inspired the nations from organization skills to church planting strategies, raising leaders and building facilities.


Rev Stephen Wengam, General Superintendent of Ghana Assemblies of God, described the visit to Trinity as “perfect in timing and strategic in substance as it provides a golden opportunity for the Ghanaian delegation to drink from the fountain of experience and tap into the storehouse of the anointing of Singapore Assemblies of God and Trinity.

As Trinity’s Ambassador at large, I’ve never been prouder to showcase “This is Trinity”. Our successful change of command bears testament to the shape in which God has shaped us – to be at the cutting edge of ministry and a leadership church.

I've never been prouder to showcase "This is Trinity".


In 2010, God’s prophetic word to Trinity was “Blessed to be a Blessing". That signalled the beginning of Trinity stepping up to serve the larger body.

Pastor Dominic Yeo then Lead Pastor, preached about "Blessed to be a Blessing".

In 2010, I was elected to be the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Singapore. In 2012, we rose to greater prominence with my election as the Chairman of Asia Pacific Assemblies of God Fellowship. In 2017, when we hosted the World Assemblies of God Congress in Trinity, I was elected as Secretary of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF). And in 2023, I was elected as Chairman of WAGF.

I believe every promotion was an opportunity, for me and Trinity, to be God’s voice in the sphere of influence entrusted. At every new level of engagement, new doors were opened for us to speak into and in so doing, became part of God’s kingdom expansion plans.

We began with being faithful  with our multiple centers.


We began with being faithful with our multiple centers. God expanded us to be a blessing to the church in our nation. Subsequently, to the Asia Pacific region, and now to the World. I take it with great humility and believe it’s because we have always been “Blessed to be a Blessing”.


I believe it's because we have always been "Blessed to be a Blessing".

Impacting our World is kingdom mentality. Impacting our World isn’t just for me as Chairman of WAGF. It’s for all of us here in Trinity - as Trinitarians. Trinity 3.0 excites me because we are in alignment with what God is doing globally. The Assemblies of God denomination worldwide is believing for 1 million churches to be planted by 2033 and Impacting our World is at the heart of this Church Planting movement.

Trinity has always carried God’s heart and placed the nations upon our hearts. Your continual praying, giving, and going in greater faith is how we will continue to reach the world for Jesus. My prayer for Trinity 3.0, is that God will continue to use us to be His showcase of a church that obeys His commandments and is yielded to living out the Great Commission.


 Your continual praying, giving and going in greater faith is how we will continue to reach the world for Jesus.

You have always heard me share the world’s statistics where every second, 1.8 persons perish into eternity.  With the escalation of wars and natural disasters, the latest statistics are now 1.93 persons perishing every second. This increase in numbers should invoke an exponential (if not equivalent) parallel in our urgency to get people saved.

There’s so much to be done, and time is what we have on our hands. The challenge is when churches think there still is time. I believe God has sounded the clarion call. And how exciting it is to be a part of churches that are fully involved in God’s global agenda.

There is no challenge too big when you are in alignment with Heaven’s agenda. God has the arsenals of heaven available to His church. Partner with Him and there’s no stopping what God can do in and through us!

Reflect & Respond
  • What has God spoken to you about Impacting Our World?

  • Pray and ask God for an alignment of our hearts with what God wants to do and commit this next step to God in prayer.

  • Listen again to Pastor Gerald's sermon at Watchnight Service 2023.


About the Author

Pastor Dominic Yeo walks closely with God and delivers God's kairos Word wherever he goes. An avid fan of Liverpool, his favourite tagline is "You never walk alone". Having been dramatically transformed by God in his youth, he believes in helping people to fulfil their God-given destiny.


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