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AlphaTrackers Innovate to Minister Virtually to Indonesians

AlphaTrack was pioneered by Pastor Dominic Yeo in 1995 to raise up ‘Harvest Warriors’ and strategic leaders to reach the lost. This year, AlphaTrackers went online to reach the nations for Jesus – and saw powerful times of ministry.

Trinitarian 19-year-old Tracey Tay Yee Hasin has always looked forward to joining AlphaTrack, Trinity’s three-month full-time program to equip believers for ministry while discovering one’s calling and destiny.

Pioneered by Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo in 1995, 54 batches have graduated in the last 26 years. Pastor Joanna Teoh, who currently leads the program, has led 21 batches so far. She shared, “This year’s AlphaTrack cohort needed to innovate in evangelism strategies, especially in this pandemic climate.”

Batch 54 comprised of these 15 ‘Harvest Warriors,’ bold and fearless for the Gospel!

Held from May 10 to August 6, 2021, the program wasted no time in reaching the lost. Under Pastor Joanna’s leadership, three mission efforts were launched and hosted online: one e-MIT (Missions Impact Team) for primary school students, a seven-week English course, and a special ministry gathering for school teachers. All three projects were aimed at reaching the unsaved in Indonesia, where Trinity has a local Regional Center, Trinity@Jakarta.

“Many of us had to do things we weren’t used to doing. A lot of planning took place as we met in teams to lead ministry projects,” Tracey shared. “To grow in strategic leadership, we not only learned administrative tasks, but how to relate to people and remain down to earth. Having a heart for them is important.”

Tracey recounted that the AlphaTrackers rallied their talents together to help pull off the large-scale projects. “Chloe had the drama skills we needed for skits. Janel had experience in film-making from school. Everyone had something to contribute and we covered for each other when necessary. That’s the beauty of team ministry.”

The AlphaTrackers conducted research on the communities they were reaching out to, learning about their cultures and the COVID situation in those areas.

“Before we can minister, we have to know a community’s needs first. Meeting their needs in a personal way can lead to trust and friendship. Then, they may be open to hearing the Gospel,” Tracey said.

A school in Indonesia requested for help with adjusting primary school students back to school for the start of the academic year. To help facilitate the orientation process, Tracey and her peers planned a special online program during the e-MIT called Be Brave Students.

“Some students were afraid of going back to school and getting COVID-19 or not having friends to connect with. We wanted to show students they didn’t need to be afraid of anything because Jesus is their friend and superhero. He makes us brave.” Tracey said.

The program was filmed and produced at Trinity@Paya Lebar, featuring dances, games, and songs. About 480 students participated and more than 100 students indicated they wanted to receive Christ at the end of the program.

AlphaTrackers leading students in dance to the song, "Brave"

Pastor Alana Mah, Center Pastor of Trinity@Jakarta

Not neglecting the school’s teachers, AlphaTrackers invited them to a special ministry service via Zoom led by Pastor Alana Mah, Center Pastor of Trinity@Jakarta. Afterwards, teachers met in breakout rooms with AlphaTrackers facilitating the discussion of the message. Teacher who were believers but did not have a home church were invited to further connect with Trinity@Jakarta.

To reach out to university students and working adults in Indonesia, AlphaTrackers ran an English Literacy Program and led 12 English classes over 7 weeks on Zoom. Some 55 Indonesian students from 11 cities participated, providing an invaluable opportunity to connect with Indonesian pre-believers.

“Before we started teaching, we prayed and asked God to reveal prophetically to us what students’ needs were. One AlphaTracker received a prophetic insight that there was a spirit of death that needed to be addressed. Interestingly, when we asked students questions such as, “Has there been a time when you felt grief?”, we learned that many had lost loved ones,” said Tracey. “They were vulnerable with us, and we shared God’s Word in return.”

Tracey filming for the e-MIT to primary students in Indonesia

Tracey had no prior missions experience but discovered her spiritual giftings through AlphaTrack.

“I received words of encouragement from my peers who told me they saw the gift of evangelism in me. One person told me, ‘I think your boldness to share is really unique to you.’ This really spurred on my faith. I haven’t preached and seen thousands saved, but God uses the small things, and people are encouraging me to further develop this gift.”

Tracey will be moving overseas for her university studies this October. “It’s so interesting to see how the Lord leads. Wherever I go, I hope to make an impact on the culture around me. Aside from bringing friends to Christ, I want to help others fulfill their God-given destiny, too.”


Reflect & Respond

  • What gifts/talents can you use to connect with others and share God's love?

  • How have AlphaTrackers inspired you? Are there creative outreach ideas you can engage in to reach prebelievers?



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