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Carrying God’s Heart for Social Justice

Founded in 1996 by Trinity, Care Community Services Society (CCSS) has been empowering and transforming individuals and families. From November 12 to 13, CCSS organized various activities to spread awareness of how they carry God’s heart for social justice to the community.

By Wisely Ong

After a hiatus of three years due to the pandemic, the CCSS weekend returned to its physical format. There were games and prizes, handicrafts, and live performances from seniors.

Manning one of the booths was Francis Cheang, 72 from Area 1. It is his 13th year as a volunteer. When asked about what keeps him going, he exclaimed, “I want to see lives transformed!”

CCSS serves a range of beneficiaries, from children and youths to seniors and ex-offenders. Comprising around 200 full-time staff and volunteers, CCSS reaches out to more than 1,400 individuals.

Executive Director Dewin Lee (52, Area 4) said, “This event showcased the need to translate God’s heart for His people and social justice to something very tangible”. An example is the provision of dementia care to underprivileged seniors.

The CareLibrary offers more than 50 types of cognitive activities, facilitated by trained staff to stimulate and strengthen the minds of seniors.

Running these programs requires manpower. As children of God, we can play our part.

Sunny Chua, 66, is a Trinitarian for 28 years. A staff with CCSS since 2017, he has been a blessing to those whom he serves in CareElderly.

One of them is Yahasan, 79. She recounted how Sunny and his team moved her with their care and kindness. “Sunny is very funny and encouraging,” she beamed.

Such acts compelled her to warmly welcome Shirley Yap to the family. Shirley, 76, had just lost her husband of 50 years. Living alone, she struggled to cope with her grief and loss.

Thankfully, CCSS operates Active Ageing Centres to offer seniors support and imbue meaning in their lives through various activities such as music lessons.

Special angklung performance by some beneficiaries at CCSS Weekend 2022.

Shirley and Yahasan were part of the team performing with the angklung, singing along to songs such as Feliz Navidad and Joy to the World.

“We feel really happy performing for everyone,” exclaimed Shirley. “It is great to be here and spread joy!”

Trinity has been actively partnering with CCSS to help vulnerable lives in our community. To support CCSS as a champion, donor, sponsor, or volunteer, visit

Reflect & Respond
  • What is God’s idea of social justice?

  • How can you carry God’s heart for Social Justice in our community?


About the Author

Wisely is from Area 3, CG Den De Lions, and loves soft undercooked waffles. His word of wisdom is “go read the Bible, there is more wisdom there”


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