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Desperate Call Leads to Miraculous Recovery

“Amen” was the first word Dawn’s mother uttered when she was able to speak.

By Lim Yufan

Dawn’s (not her real name) mother was hospitalized in April 2021 for a brain aneurysm which needed emergency surgery.

The prognosis, after a 10-hour operation, was bad. Even though the surgery was successful, she had to be placed in an induced coma and on life support. The neurosurgeon had prepared Dawn that because of her mother’s multiple medical issues, chances of survival were slim.

Complex medical background

Dawn’s mother, who is in her late 60s, had a heart bypass before and has a complex medical history of high blood pressure, diabetes, pneumonia, and kidney failure.

Being in an induced coma also complicated her regular kidney dialysis.

Call of desperation

Three days after the surgery, Dawn, in her desperation, shared about her mother’s situation with Beaconlight Connect Group (CG) members, whom she connected with during a Christmas party in 2019.

The CG swung into action and engaged in intense intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare for Dawn and her mother. Even though COVID-19 restrictions were in place, one CG member was able to pray for Dawn’s mother outside her ICU ward.

Beaconlight CG (Photo taken pre-COVID-19)

Signs of wonder began to take place when Dawn noticed that her mother made slight movements while being prayed for. Rapid recovery took place as she opened her eyes on the fifth day after surgery, much to the doctor’s surprise. She was transferred to a high dependency ward, and then to a normal ward three days after.


Miraculously, the first word uttered by Dawn’s mother when she could speak was “Amen!” even though she’s of a different faith. Dawn’s brother, who shares the same faith as his mother, was surprised too by her first word, as there was no way she could have known that members of Beaconlight CG were praying for her.

Miraculous Recovery

Dawn is thankful for the prayers and acknowledged that her mother’s recovery is a miracle performed by God. Deeply moved by the support given by the CG, Dawn is now attending Trinity’s services regularly.

Members of Beaconlight CG were encouraged by the recovery of Dawn’s mother and affirmed that they serve a truly living and powerful God. Dawn’s mother had since been discharged and is currently recuperating at Dawn’s home under the care of a caregiver.


Reflect & Respond

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