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Divine Connections and Favor Help Secure Oxygen Tanks

God’s hand was upon Trinity@Jakarta as the much-needed oxygen tanks were secured to help families, friends, and oikos.

Oxygen tanks are critical for survival for those badly affected by COVID-19.

With the nation-wide shortage of oxygen tanks, including in hospitals, many are desperately sourcing them from elsewhere to help infected family members breathe as they nurse them at home.

Trinity@Jakarta, with their Care Pack Initiative in place, saw the dire need for oxygen tanks and resolved to do their part to acquire these tanks to help their community.

Divine Connection

On July 5, a request for contacts of oxygen tank suppliers was posted on social media by Jakarta-based Pastor Alana Mah, Center Pastor of Trinity@Jakarta.

A Trinitarian in Singapore responded to her post with a potential contact.

What unfolded revealed the hand of God upon the situation, orchestrating circumstances and opportunities which paved the way for the eventual acquisition of the oxygen tanks.

Believe in God

Barbara Cheng, who used to work in the aviation sector, had recently switched to the medical supplies industry. She is not active on social media but chanced upon Pastor Alana’s post at the opportune time. She responded to Pastor Alana with a possible contact.

“Even as I provided Pastor Alana with the contact, I was not sure if they have the oxygen tanks available, as most suppliers in Indonesia had run out. I just prayed and believe that God’s hand was upon the situation.”

What followed was a series of calls by Trinity@Jakarta to the supplier and a visit to Medan, where the oxygen tanks were, to confirm and verify the legitimacy of the supplier as medical scams are rampant, preying on the desperation of those in need.

The supplier also requested for an official church letter verifying that the purchase of the oxygen tanks was going to help individuals in need and not for resale and profiteering.

Favor of God

An order for five tanks was made, and the supplier had just enough stock to meet the order. God’s hand was at work, preserving enough stock for Trinity@Jakarta before they ran out. It was also purchased at a reasonable price without any significant mark-up given the limited supply and a competing order on hand. It can only be the favor of God.

As the oxygen tanks were in Medan, the cost of shipping to Jakarta was included in the price.

Soon after the order was made and paid for, the supplier contacted the church to state that they would issue a refund because they managed to negotiate for a lower shipping cost since the shipment was to a church and to a single address. This is unheard of as there is no obligation on the supplier to do so. It was later revealed that the oxygen tank suppliers are Christians who operated their business with integrity. The favor of the Lord is unending!

By God’s grace, the shipping and delivery of the oxygen tanks was smooth, and less than 10 days after Pastor Alana’s post, the oxygen tanks arrived safely at Trinity@Jakarta where they were made available for Trinitarians to loan free of charge for use by their family, friends, or oikos in need.

"We thank Trinity@Jakarta for greatly blessing our great grandmother. We were desperately looking for oxygen for her. Trinity@Jakarta loaned us a full oxygen tank and also gave us the oxygen tube, Personal Protection Equipment and vitamin C. Our family is so blessed and grateful to Trinity@Jakarta."

– Yolanda C., Trinitarian

God is in control and holding all things together. It is His divine orchestration of circumstances and connections, bringing believers in Christ together for His purpose and releasing favor upon favor on His people.

“He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:17)


Reflect & Respond

  • Think of a time when God's hand's was upon you in your situation. Who can you share this testimony with?

  • Is there someone you know who’s going through challenges because of COVID-19? How can you show care and concern to him/her?


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