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Encounter God, Find Freedom

Wendy Tan from Area Two was emotionally weighed down and suicidal, but soon encountered God’s supernatural peace. As she abides in Him, He restores her life.

By Wisely Ong

This month, I attended Trinity’s God Encounter Meeting (GEM) that happens every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Many were touched by God’s presence during the powerful worship and altar calls.

I had the privilege of meeting Area Two’s Wendy Tan, a regular attendee who shared with me her testimony:

Hearing from Wendy

For the past several years, she had been steeped in depression and struggled to get back on her feet. A full-time mother and bank executive, she was weighed down at home and work. “Life was so stressful.”

Feeling suicidal in August 2021, she confided in Stella, a Trinitarian and good friend who encouraged and prayed for her.

Wendy (left) with Stella (right) at Trinity@Paya Lebar

Wendy had prayed to other gods in the past but could never feel at peace. The more Stella prayed to Jesus on Wendy’s behalf, however, the more she felt a tangible peace come over her heart.

This paved the way for her to accept Christ a month later and to discover that He cared deeply for her by answering her prayers.

He cared deeply for her by answering her prayers.

Wendy told God, “Take away my fears, negative thoughts, and give me the energy to wake up and look forward to the next day.” Miraculously, He answered her by initiating a journey of inner healing in her life.

Moving on from the past

Firstly, God moved her to forgive.

"I was incapable of letting this hatred go."

“People I had trusted in the past deeply disappointed me, and I dealt with it by harboring hatred. I ‘swallowed’ my sadness and forced myself to move on.

When I realized I was incapable of letting this hatred go, I sought my Heavenly Father for help. I surrendered my past to Him, and He graciously took away all the hate. Because He has loved and forgiven me, I can now forgive others.”

God then transformed her career. Working in a pressure-cooker environment with long hours had made her very anxious.

But the Lord removed the anxiety by inspiring her to pray for her office – her boss and colleagues – to be richly blessed. Wendy also had quiet times with God in the mornings and evenings and experienced His restorative peace.

This ushered in God’s miracles. As she learned to rest in the Lord, she found favor with her supervisors and her colleagues began to offer her help. As the days went by, she had more time and energy.

“My friends used to say that I look very haggard and tired, but now they say I look much better.” Given a new outlook in life, Wendy prayed over the various challenging circumstances she faced. She always found strength in the Lord.

Multiple healings

During a Miracle Monday service this year, Pastor Melvin Lim prayed for her badly dislocated left knee. Prior to that, her knee would hurt badly to the point that “tears came out.” Wendy went for Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments which only eased the pain temporarily.

After believing in God’s healing power, Wendy responded to the altar call and experienced a complete restoration to her knee.

She now attends Zumba classes without any pain and can effortlessly take the stairs.

Wendy (in pink) enjoys her Zumba classes with no pain in her knees - praise God!

“I continued to experience God’s miraculous healing, even finding that my stress-induced numbness and painful cysts have disappeared. God has set me free. He is faithful and I believe my Heavenly Father is real!”

"My stress-induced numbness and painful cysts have disappeared."

Wendy now has liberty to live life to the fullest. It has compelled her to share God’s goodness during Connect Group meetings and to those around her. She also faithfully attends GEMs on biweekly Wednesday nights and worships at the weekend worship services.

“Never stop seeking God. Only He can do the miraculous. Nothing else satisfies, but Him.”

How to live in freedom

Maybe you identify with Wendy. You too can find freedom in Christ – both physically and mentally. This starts with believing in what He can do.

Pastor Johnathan Lee, Divine Exchange and Wholeness (DEW) Pastor, has this to share about how to keep a sound mind in a challenging world:

“Life can be challenging in many areas of life – home, work, school, relationships, money. All these challenges can create a lot of anxiety for us all. But two things are very important: First, embrace the enduring truth of God’s goodness towards you. Second, hold on to this truth tightly even if your situation has no evidence of it yet. Meditate on this promise that God gives in Isaiah 46:4, NLTI will be your God throughout your lifetime – until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you. You may also reflect on Romans 8:28, ESVAnd we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purposes.

Take life one day at a time. If God has given you this new day to live, then He surely has good things in store for you. As you go through your day, start giving thanks to God for every good thing that you experience. At the end of the day, make a list of things that you can thank God for.

If God has given you this new day to live, then He surely has good things in store for you.

Thank Him for the good things that He will cause to come out of your negative circumstances. Declare aloud that God will work everything for your good, for example, you may say: This is the day that the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24, NKJV) It may not be easy to begin with, but it is a good starting point to stay restful in God – the foundation of a healthy heart and mind.”


Hearing Wendy’s testimony affirms me of God’s goodness and how being in His presence is the best way to experience the love of the Father. In Christ, I can walk in greater mental and physical freedom despite the challenges of life.

We are delighted to receive testimonies. Give God the glory and share them with us! Write to to celebrate what God has done in your life.


About the Author

Wisely is from Area Three, CG Den De Lions, and loves food. His word of wisdom is to enjoy watching others eat good food so that you can share in their joy without the calories!


Reflect & Respond
  1. Encouraged by Wendy’s testimony? What areas of your life can you invite the Heavenly Father into to help you walk in greater freedom?

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