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Miracles Can Happen if You Have Faith

From physical healing to personal breakthroughs, we celebrate how God is always at work. Bring someone to experience living in the miraculous at Trinity!

By Priscilla Ong

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me? (Jeremiah 32:27)

God loves giving to anyone who asks Him. After all, what can limit Him?

Launched last year in January 2021, Miracle Monday weeknight services were a fulfillment of our pastoral team’s desire to see more people worship on-site and grow in their faith during the pandemic as they believed audaciously for breakthroughs.

Hear from six Trinitarians who share their breakthrough stories and be encouraged. Let's celebrate what God has done!

Persevering faith for a complete healing Alvin Tan

I am a Hepatitis B carrier and a cancer survivor. Last year, the area around my stomach felt uncomfortable and I discovered a growth in my left abdominal area. I was worried, yet adamant to trust God and not be shaken.

When Trinity launched Miracle Monday services, I started attending and new hope arose within me. I began praying for my abdomen to be healed. In a subsequent ultrasound and blood test performed in August 2021, my doctors revealed that there was nothing to worry about! My blood test results were good and the two-cm growth was benign. Praise God! Since then, I have been walking in good health, and shall continue to live by faith and not fear.

Seeing people through God’s eyes

Shirley Long

Since attending Miracle Monday services, I have experienced healing, relationships restored at home, and breakthroughs at my workplace. Despite my heavy workload as a teacher, I continued to attend Miracle Monday services because of God’s goodness toward me.

I have experienced healing, relationships restored at home, and breakthroughs at my workplace.

In my previous school term, I had a disruptive student who refused to move classes. I shared this struggle with Pastor Gary Chia after a Miracle Monday service, and he reminded me that my student desired acceptance and affirmation – which are needs Christians are called to meet by sharing God’s love and grace.

God has guided me to see this student through the eyes of Jesus. Since then, this student’s attitude has changed tremendously. She even ran up to me in the school canteen to say goodbye. Praise the Lord! May God continue His powerful work of transformation in her life and my heart.

Laying our contracts at the altar and seeing God’s favor

Francis Tam

At one Miracle Monday service, Lead Pastor Dominic specifically asked for those in attendance with an impending contract or proposal to come forward and place them on the stage as a symbolic act for receiving God’s blessing. He added that we could place our mobile phones also, if they stored an electronic copy of the contract.

At the time, I had an invitation for a job interview and the potential employment contract stored on my phone. I obeyed the call and went forward to place my mobile phone at the altar. Praise God! After three weeks, I received an employment contract with an even better deal for that job. All glory to God!

God healed me in His time Alvin Lee

For years, I suffered from chronic pain in my left ankle and had to make a yearly visit to the TCM to have it bandaged. When I attended the first Miracle Monday service, the pain returned. In fact, the pain was so bad that I walked to church with a limp.

During the service, I prayed for healing. Although the pain did not leave instantly, the pain gradually subsided and by the next day, it was mostly gone. On the third day, there was no more pain. More than a year has passed since then, and my ankle is still pain-free! I believe that the pain is gone permanently and declare it will not return because Jesus has paid for my complete healing. Praise God!

Healed to enjoy my favorite activity

Bill Lee

I was suffering from trigger finger on my right hand for more than six months. The inflammation resulted in the inability of my right hand to clench into a fist. My joints were swollen and the affected finger was unable to straighten. This condition affected my mountain biking and the ability to use my right hand for certain tasks.

Anti-inflammation home remedies did not work and the doctor suggested surgery. However, during a Miracle Monday service, Pastor Gerald Tan specifically prayed for the healing of joint pain.

When I lifted my hands and prayed, the pain left! My finger straightened and I could even clench my fist. God healed my trigger finger completely without surgery, allowing me to resume my favorite activities without compromise. Both my hands are working the way as God intended, praise the Lord!

Taking up my God-given authority to see healing

Eileen Ong

Last year, my mother-in-law had a serious ruptured aneurysm and underwent an operation. The doctor’s report was pessimistic, even asking us to prepare to see her go. Thankfully, she survived the surgery and remained in the intensive care unit on a breathing support tube.

When I attended a Miracle Monday service a week later, I received a word from the Lord to believe in Him for her healing. I went home praying against any unbelief and doubt I had. Two days after the service, the Lord continued to lead me to worship Him and boldly declare Psalm 91:14-16:

“’Because he loves me,’” says the Lord, “’I will rescue him;

I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

He will call on me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble,

I will deliver him and honor him.

With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.’”

I took up my authority to pray that my mother-in-law's life would be prolonged and that she would be able to breathe independently without any support. My worship and prayers continued at her bedside in the ICU.

When the doctors made a second attempt to remove the breathing support tube, she could breathe on her own. All glory to God! Today, my mother-in-law is on the road to a full recovery, and I thank God for preserving her life. Throughout the whole ordeal, God always provided her timely and top medical care. I am now believing for her salvation.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2022, my mother-in-law pictured center


Miracles are a visible sign of our awesome God Who sees our needs and has the power to meet them in extraordinary ways.

No matter the season, miracles are always taking place in our midst.

Take a moment to remember who God is: He is always full of compassion and grace. Are you praying for a breakthrough today?

Don’t give up – “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” (Psalm 31:24)

Keep a lookout for more information regarding upcoming God Encounter Meetings and Church Prayer Meetings happening on Wednesday nights.

We are always delighted to receive testimonies. Give God the glory and write to to celebrate what God has done in your life.


Reflect and Respond:

  • Did you experience a miracle recently? Whether big or small, note it down and give God thanks! Share about it with a friend today.

  • What’s stopping you from believing God can miraculously change your current situation? Identify promises in the Bible that will anchor you to the amazing hope found in Christ.

About the Writer | Always up to play Wordle and share genuine conversations over a good cuppa, Priscilla Ong from Area 4 believes that writing creates endless possibilities for self-expression.

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