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Essence of Easter

The year, Easter came to every household.

By Kristine Lee

Huddled in each household, unable to go out because of a deadly plague outside. Sounds familiar? It's not Singapore's Circuit Breaker or the lockdown situations in many countries because of COVID-19. More than 3000 years ago, God orchestrated the original #stayhome#staysafe campaign for the Israelites. 

A plague of death was going to sweep across Egypt, killing the first-born sons of each household. It was the only way Pharaoh will concede to freeing the Israelite slaves. To be protected from the plague, each Israelite household was to smear the blood of an unblemished lamb on to their doorposts and remain indoors. They were to eat the lamb and prepare unleaven bread for the road (Exodus 12). This was the original Passover. (See also Pastor Dominic's tweet).

Fast forward to 2020, we are once again in our homes on Passover (Maundy Thursday), and this time on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, remembering the great rescue plan that Jesus had carried out for us. The sinless Lamb of God had taken on humanity's sins and paid the penalty of death on the cross for us. His blood was shed so every household can also be protected from spiritual death and free from enslavement to sin. His resurrection confers upon us a victorious, abundant life. A life of unshakeable joy and peace within because of the relationship we now have with the Almighty God who loves us.

Easter in its Essence

We are celebrating Easter in its very essence.

As Pastor Victor Toh reflected on his Facebook post, stripped of “consumeristic events”, the Gospel is once again revered in its simplicity. It's the simple message that Jesus loves us. 

"This COVID-19 is ‘forcing’ us as Christians to share the Gospel simply. Just like how the Christians in the days of Acts."

We are THE CHURCH for our family and loved ones now.

Being the church, bringing the church

“On Good Friday, God prompted me strongly to set up a Facebook Watch Party. I did so in obedience and to my surprise, my brother-in-law joined my Watch Party! He was one who would not even step into church but this time, he even waved! I am still in awe! Though we are unable to congregate physically to worship Him whether in our Connect Groups or in church, God is still working! His message of hope and love never stops!”  - Mic Law

Mdm Leong has been sharing about the love of Christ with her family members for more than 30 years, and praying for them for more than 40. But only recently, the door was opened for her to pray with her sister-in-law, who is facing a health crisis. 

When Trinity launched Easter services online, she seized the opportunity to send the service invites to her entire family. At the same time, she rallied her current and previous Connect Group members to pray for open hearts. The family had always been resistant, so Mdm Leong didn't raise her hopes too high. But she still had faith in God's faithfulness and love for her family.

She was surprised that her sister-in-law overseas replied immediately to her invite and even asked about the song played during service. Even more amazingly, other siblings in Australia, the UK and a niece in the US who had been away from church for over 20 years attended the service!

Despite being a Tech novice, Ms Loy stepped out in faith to set up a Facebook Watch Party so her oikos could attend Easter Sunday Service with her Connect Group. He’s now connected to his new spiritual community!

“The presence of God was so awesome. Even though we were not gathered in a physical location, God showed He is indeed sovereign as His presence was so real even in our own homes. He has proven to us again and again that He alone transcends time. Even though we knew that the services are pre-recorded and not live, His presence transcended that. Praise God!” - Christopher Thia & Dawn Kuah

God was carrying out His grand plan more than 3000 years ago that night on Passover.

God is expanding His plans today, bringing His church and good news into every household.


Reflect & Respond

  • What does Easter mean to you and your loved ones?

  • How has Easter been special for you and your family this year?

  • What does it mean for you to be the Church?

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