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Faith Over Fear

When there's an onslaught upon the Church, what do we do? Rise up in prayer!

By Kristine Lee

When the world celebrated the arrival of 2020, nobody expected a virus to shake our world the way it has done so far. Healthcare systems are being stretched. Economies are being hit. As COVID-19 suspends public life around the world, churches are not spared. 

We immediately put in place precautionary measures for our congregation and church staff. But in the midst of adhering to medical advisories and implementing our business continuity plans, it’s important that we do not forget that this fight is spiritual as well.

The daily reports of new cases of infection are facts. And facts are the realities of life. But they are not the determinant of the life that God calls us to!

When people get caught up with the facts, they will act based on the facts reported. Hence, we see people reacting in paranoia. This fear has also crept into the church. Before the mandatory suspension of onsite services, many believers have stayed away from corporate worship, abandoning the coming together that the Bible warns about as the day approaches (Hebrews 10:25).

While there is a viable and easy option of moving our services online, the online streaming culture will impact the way we relate with one another long after the virus goes away.

We become what we declare. Our confession will affect others.

As God’s shining light in the darkness, our confession of faith can inspire others to greater faith or dampen someone’s faith. 

Our prayers are a declaration of faith that will effect God’s supernatural and miraculous for us to be victorious against COVID-19. It's time for action! It’s time for prayer!

Called COVID-19:00 Synchronized Prayer it stands for Calling Overcomers! Victorious In Declaration at 1900 hrs daily.

What began as a synchronized prayer for our church in February has become a global prayer mobilization for churches and Christians in many cities and nations such as Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, and even some countries where the Gospel has restricted access to.

The world is uniting in prayer because the Church will not be intimidated. The Church is praying to eradicate the virus in all nations, including Singapore. This is the time that the Church rises up to be a standard for the world to see. This is not just a national or Asian crisis, this is an onslaught on the Church. We as the body of Christ must be united for the same goal, however the means and whatever the number of times. There can never be too many prayers for times such as this.

At 7pm daily, wherever you are, pray with someone.

You can pray with your family at dinner, or friends and colleagues. Get on the phone or whatever the means - just pray. Download weekly prayer pointers here, available on our website and Trinity App (on App Store or Google Play). Go to our Facebook Page for live prayer every Wednesday at 1900 hrs (SGT)!

Even the underground church is rising to pray at 1900 hrs!

Still going strong

It's more than 60 days and we are still going strong!

"Since COVID-19 started, it has affected my Interior Design business. We had just one project in the first quarter. With the extended of the circuit breaker it's starting to feel overwhelming. I am anxious. But praying each day with my Connect Group member grants me great peace and comfort. I also read the Word, listen to sermons, give and receive encouragement. These and the daily prayer make me look up, and be more aware of the truth and promises of God's Word." Cherie Goh, Design Director

"God reminded me during one of the daily prayers how praying together verbally over the phone is different from texting. When God created the world, He spoke. Even though business has come to a halt for us, looking back, I'm amazed at how God has provided a surplus for us last year above and beyond previous years. He is faithful and I'm blessed to be declaring His truth verbally, especially in this season!" Stacy Seah, Events Director

Let our declarations of faith eradicate fear in our churches and nations. Let our declarations of faith inspire others to be bold and courageous in this fight against the virus. Through our unified declaration, we will be victorious over COVID-19. 

Join in this global prayer mobilization!

Download weekly prayer pointers here, available on our website and Trinity App. If you require weekly prayer pointers in Mandarin, Bahasa (Indonesian), Japanese, Spanish, or Thai, get in touch with us on

Or join us live on Facebook every Wednesday at 1900 hrs!


Reflect & Respond

  • Which of God's truths can you declare into the COVID-19 situation?

  • How have you seen God's goodness through the COVID-19:00 synchronized prayer? Share with your experience with us on


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