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Forged and Forging Forward!

In December 2020, Campus Ministry Leaders gathered for a time of realignment at Camp Forge.

By Sarah Han

With the introduction of Phase 3, 59 Campus Leaders gathered for an onsite conference on December 28-30 to seek God and allow Him to forge us into all that He wants us to be.

Through games, workshops, dialogues, and services, God’s presence was so tangibly experienced. Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo also joined us for heart-to-heart dialogue, imparting truths and principles on what it means to be missional wherever we are positioned.

Camp Forge may have ended, but we are committed to being forged by God – to grow in Christ-likeness each day and live out the call to be leaders wherever He places us!

  • “I came into camp struggling to see the purpose of studying my current course. But through the sermons and prayers, I now believe that God has a great destiny for me and that He has deliberately positioned me in NTU to prepare me for it! – Daniel Pang (Year 3, NTU)

  • “Throughout 2020, I felt distant from God and had many doubts about various situations in life. God met me where I was and showed me that all I had to do was to take the first step. I know that I can count on God to journey with me through 2021.” – Kristine Chng (Year 3, NTU)

  • “Though Camp Forge, I received revelations about work and using my giftings for His glory.” – Tan Yan Ru (Year 4, NUS)

  • “The services and workshops have renewed and solidified my call to serve God and be His salt and light wherever I am positioned.” – Timothy Tan (Year 4, SMU)

  • Camp Forge was a time of divine exchange – a time of surrendering to God and sitting at His feet. The time of prophetic prayer strengthened my sensitivity towards God's voice. I thank God for the opportunity to even have an onsite camp during the start of Phase 3! – Charis Chong (Year 2, PI)




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