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Gripped By Love

Eager to bless the community, eight campus students put their hearts and hands together to raise funds for Care Community Services Society.

By Lisette Tan

Time is a resource that everyone has. What we do with our time matters. We can either let time slip by, or seize it purposefully to serve and love others.

Putting their hearts and hands together, eight students from Campus Ministry considered how they could raise funds for vulnerable communities, and started Gripped By Love in May 2020.

The name was inspired by their desire to be gripped by God’s love and purposes in caring for the physically needy and spiritually lost.

In seasons of rest and busyness, the call to care remains. Believing that love is more than a feeling, and must be put into action, the team faithfully gave their time and talents to create a range of bouquets.

The majority of proceeds go to Care Community Services Society (CCSS), a social organization dedicated to equipping and enabling vulnerable groups to rise above their circumstances. The team was especially gripped by the struggles and needs of many due to COVID-19.

Spreading the love

With celebrations being vastly different this year, Gripped By Love sought to spread love and joy in a number of ways. Besides their regular line up of floral bouquets, the team sold snack bouquets for Father’s Day.

Recently, the team introduced a dried flower series (Bouquets to Bless), encouraging people to honor those who have made an impact in their lives.

A labor of love

Putting the bouquets together is no easy feat. The team meets regularly to standardize the contents and learn how to arrange them.

While it can be a struggle to juggle Gripped By Love and school, Ruth Tan (SMU, Year 2) and Cherylene Tan (NUS, Year 3) see Gripped By Love as the perfect platform to be a blessing.

Exciting things ahead!

To date, Gripped By Love has sold more than 50 bouquets. It has plans for exciting launches for CCSS Weekend (November), Christmas, graduation, and Valentine’s Day

With Tote Board matching up to 40 percent from now until March 2021, Gripped by Love will be directing proceeds to CCSS’ Lives Emboldened Fund – a campaign that supports communities adversely impacted by COVID-19.

A lifestyle of love

Pearlina Royceton (JCU, Year 3) and Sophia Chau (NTU, Year 2) hope that Gripped By Love helps people to consider a lifestyle of loving, blessing, and giving.

Be it our time or talents, Alison Chang (NTU, Year 3) also encourages all of us to bless others with what we have. “Even if you think you do not have the most refined skills or the strongest sense of passion, come! All you need is to be willing and open to try!"


Send some love with a bouquet made with love! Check out Gripped By Love’s bouquets by clicking here.

Learn more about CCSS by checking out their website and Facebook page.

With Tote Board matching up to 40 percent from now until March 2021, multiply your CCSS donation for The Lives Emboldened Fund (a CCSS campaign that supports communities adversely impacted by COVID-19) by clicking here.


Reflect and Respond

  • How can you use your time and talents to be a blessing today?



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