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God Provides Even in the Darkest Hour

Four Trinitarians testify about experiencing God’s miraculous provision over their lives.

COVID-19 is considered one of the darkest events of our times. Its impact reaches far and wide. Businesses have been affected and livelihoods lost, discouraging many. However, the church continues to see the light of God shining forth even in the darkest hour. Four Trinitarians share how God has been faithful and provided for them in ways unimaginable.

The Lord’s bountiful harvest to end my dry season

Alfred Liew, Area Three

Like many companies, COVID-19 impacted my company, and we underwent an internal restructuring. As a result, I was transferred to the project sales department in July this year with a pro-rated sales target to achieve.

It wasn’t easy. For four months, I was struggling to bring in sales. Opportunities were streaming in but there were not many conversions. Sales were low and I only reached 5.8 percent of my target. However, I kept my eyes on the Lord and trusted Him. I continued to walk in His ways and prayed to be a blessing to others.

The Lord reminded me of Luke 16:10a: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” I knew He was calling me to be faithful even in the small deals I was landing.

I gave my best service to every sale, bearing in mind that though I was still far from my targets, these deals were God’s blessings.

My breakthrough harvest came on Friday, November 12. I received confirmation of a huge project and hit my target by 176.64 percent. I not only achieved my sales target but greatly exceeded it! The Lord is my Helper and Jehovah Jireh, my Provider. All glory to God!

I want to encourage Trinitarians to continue to honor our Lord by doing our best in all circumstances, giving thanks to and trusting Him.

God’s impeccable timing comes while we rest

Isabelle Yeoh, Area Five

My job requires me to help landlords secure tenants for shop spaces. One evening in October, I was awoken by an urgent call. It was an ex-client calling me to say that she wanted to immediately take up the lease of a particular shop she regretted not leasing the year before.

The amazing thing was that earlier that day while my ex-client was driving, she sensed something telling her to drive past a particular road.

When she did, she noticed that the same shop space she had been eyeing the previous year was no longer occupied. This prompted her to call me immediately.

What was even more incredible was the fact that this particular shop had just been vacated that very afternoon by the previous tenant!

The blessing did not stop here – she asked to sign a three-year lease at the rental the landlord asked for.

Awestruck by what happened, I pieced together all the bits of information and realized that only God could have arranged the circumstances to send me the right tenant at the right time, without relying on my own strength. Everything came together perfectly.

Looking back at this year, I realized that when I made the commitment to be led by the Holy Spirit no matter what the experts were saying about the real estate climate, the Lord enabled me to prosper.

This miracle isn’t the first. In fact, it’s the third time this year I have experienced God’s amazing intervention. As His Word says, all things shall be added to us when we seek Him first and walk by faith (Luke 12:31).

During such tumultuous times, God’s Word remains real and true. I now hunger for more of His Word and presence. What a privilege to be on an adventure with the Holy Spirit every day! 

God’s provision of a fountain in the desert

Loyme and Wilma Geronimo, Filipino Ministry


Wilma and Loyme with their three sons: King Drew, King Darell, and King Deric (left to right)

Due to COVID-19, many special events were canceled, which negatively impacted our family’s photo booth business. This made it challenging to pay our house mortgage, support three young children, settle bills, and fulfill our financial responsibilities in the Philippines.

As a couple, we began toying with the idea of going back home. However, my husband Loyme remained steadfast. He reminded me that it was not yet time to return to the Philippines because of God’s calling for us to be in Singapore. Both of us are currently serving in the Filipino Ministry’s worship team and my husband also serves in the tech team.

He told me, “God will sustain us because He sent us here.”   

True enough, God’s sustenance came as suddenly as the pandemic had hit us. One day, we learned of an opportunity to open a minimart in our condominium and we seized it.

In addition, God provided everything we needed – from the legal papers and rental fees to renovation and supplies, He poured His miraculous provision on us one after another. We also opened an online grocery store and by God’s grace, both our minimart and online grocery store have flourished.

God provided Loyme and Wilma a new minimart business in their condominium complex in Singapore

As Hebrews 6:10 states, “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”

God indeed did not forget us. He sustained and provided for us. To God be the glory!


From Alfred, Isabelle, Loyme, and Wilma, we see that before a turn-around in our circumstances, God wants us to:

  • Remain faithful and grateful in the small things

  • Be led by the Holy Spirit in our daily living

  • Stay rooted in the house of God

God is no respecter of persons. What God has done for others, He wants to do for you. Because of His love and faithfulness, He is able to cause all grace to abound towards you, so that at all times, you will have everything you need to be a blessing (2 Corinthians 9:8).

We are always delighted to receive testimonies. Give God the glory and write to to celebrate what God has done in your life.


Reflect and Respond

  • Identify one area in your life where you have a need. Step up to boldly declare “The Lord will provide.”

  • Have you been striving to resolve life’s problems on your own? What can you do today to seek God’s guidance first for your needs and walk under His blessings?


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