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Living It Up with High-Five November

The end of the school year means that it’s time to live it up and enjoy the holidays — so that’s exactly what IGNYTE ministry did this November! Called High-Five November, the four-week event brought youths together for a time of food, games, and God encounters.

By Darienne Sim

Amos Chan (left) in purple, with his Connect Group

Kicking off on the November 5/6 weekend, IGNYTE saw a total of 10 first-timers over the two days, for a total attendance of 687 youths experiencing God as one.

Two hours before the start of service each day, youths would swarm up to the Rooftop Garden to enjoy croissants, cookies, and fellowship. There were full stomachs and satisfied smiles aplenty.

Amos Chan from Secondary Zone, Saturday, shared:

I brought my friends simply because I wanted them to know more about Christ, hoping that they would have an open mind and heart to hear the sermon.

Dilys Yeo (right)

Dilys Yeo, an Adult Leader from Tertiary Zone, Saturday, agreed that this time served as a great opportunity to connect with Connect Group (CG) mates and Oikos alike:

During the Live It Up weekend, it was encouraging to see many youths and CGs coming together to fellowship over croissants and cookies! There were many Oikos that came and joined the CG in their conversations and the board games.

I thank God for the opportunity to speak to an Oikos. He shared that this community seems so nice and friendly that he is open to joining us again! I believe that the time of fellowship and intentional connection allowed him to see what kingdom community is like.

He is a God who desires to meet His people and blesses us with a like-minded community.

Beyond growing in kingdom friendships, God also moved in IGNYTErs’ personal lives, granting great breakthroughs to many who came that weekend. After eating their fill, the youths also gathered for a special Worship Experience sermon, where several members of the congregation gave their lives to God, rededicated themselves to Him, and shared testimonies of healing that they experienced during the service.

Jeremiah Lim, from Secondary Zone, Sunday, praised God as his healer, proclaiming:

I had an ear clog for five weeks and needed to blow it out. But whenever I blew my ear with my strength, it would be very painful. It would go back to being clogged a minute later. When I was in service, Pastor David Sashi prayed for me. I looked up to heaven wanting to receive healing and suddenly my ear clog went away. I tested and blew it gently and it was not clogged!

More than a time of healing, Jeremiah also testified that he felt God’s peace and comfort, assuring him that he is loved by God, even when he feels lonely and unpopular.

Jeremiah (left) sharing his testimony of how God healed him.

The holidays may be a season for us to relax, but as this first week of High-Five November proved, God is always working! We can be thankful that He is a God who desires to meet His people and blesses us with a like-minded community.

Reflect & Respond
  • Reflect on your year and count your milestones.

  • God has given us community, whether little wins or big milestones, go and celebrate with your community, especially in December.


About the Author

Darienne Sim loves to write and is serving as an Adult Leader in IGNYTE.


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