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Growing Our Prayer Life

What is prayer and why does it matter?

While God is holy, He is loving.

While God is almighty, He cares about the little things.

Through prayer, our intimacy with God deepens because we experience every facet of who He is in a very personal way.

He speaks to us individually, in unique ways that are known to only us.

Over time, His thoughts will become our thoughts and His heartbeat, our heartbeat.

What better way to grow in Christ-likeness than through prayer!

Prayer is where we can present our needs, troubles, and desires before Him.

Prayer is where we acknowledge who He is in our lives and confess our dependence upon Him.

It is also where we exercise our faith and trust in His provision and perfect timing that see us through every circumstance.

What an opportunity to exercise our faith during this COVID-19 season where there can be more challenges!

“Prayer is the sense of a need for God and the call for God’s help to supply every need.” - E.M. Bounds

How do we grow in prayer?

Two things are required to grow in prayer:

  • Perseverance

  • Consistency

This means that we must use and exercise these prayer “muscles”, doing so on a regular basis for a few minutes each day, and gradually increasing it with each day and week.

To start off praying, you can:

  • Use specific Bible verses to guide your words.

  • Use the Five-Finger Prayer

  • Pray together with family and/or friends (FaceTime, Whatsapp video/audio call, Zoom, etc.).

  • Participate in corporate prayer: - Join us in global prayer daily at 1900 hrs (SGT) against COVID-19! COVID:1900 Synchronized Prayer - And/or join us live on Facebook Live every Wednesday at 1900 hrs (SGT).

Sign up to be part of Prayer 365 to pray over the church:

  • SMS 79777 in the following format: P365<space>NRIC. E.g. P365 S1234567B.

  • After signing up for Prayer 365, you will receive an SMS the day before you are mobilized to pray. On the day you are mobilized, you will receive another SMS with a link to the prayer pointers. 

Being in constant communion with God through prayer enables us to be more sensitive to Him, to see and hear His heart not just for us, but for those around us. This further enables us to become vessels that God can use and work through, for His love to reach out to even more people.

Prayer is not just a spiritual discipline, it is a weapon we can use to fight with God alongside us, and against the works of the enemy!

Dare to become a prayer warrior who carries God’s heart and mind!

The article was adapted from Intentional Engagement with God, Issue 02/2018, Trinitarian Magazine.


Reflect & Respond

  • How has your relationship with God grown through prayer or how has prayer transformed your perspectives?

  • Will you ask the Holy Spirit to show you someone you can pray for or with this week?



This article is part of our R.E.S.E.T. Toolkit Refresh. Encourage. Strengthen. Empower. Thrive.

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