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Growing Our Spirit Life

Does Spirit life matter? Absolutely.

It matters because God created us to operate in the Spirit.

God created us to be spirit beings, much more than just physical beings.

The moment we receive Jesus into our hearts, the Holy Spirit enters our lives to guide us towards Christ-likeness and empowers us for everything God wants to do in and through us.

Whether we’re looking for guidance through a difficult situation, seeking direction for a new season of life, or simply wish to grow in obedience and Christ-likeness, it is the Spirit who reveals to us the right strategy, illuminates the right path, and helps us make the right decisions.

“Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” - Galatians 5:25

In order to keep in step with the Spirit, we would need to grow in sensitivity to His leading. This requires us to remain committed to hearing from Him and heeding His direction.

How do we grow in the Spirit?

  • Engage in Spirit-filled prayers (speaking in tongues) – begin by doing so for a few minutes daily, and gradually increase with each day and week

  • Participate in Spirit-filled prayer alongside fellow believers during services

^Activities to cultivate the habitation of the Spirit

  • Invite God to take charge of the day – hand him the keys of your life (1 Peter 3:15).

  • When you scroll through social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), ask God to touch your friends and bring them to a place of encounter with Jesus (Acts 9:3-19).

  • When making a major decision, fast and pray (one meal a day) until you hear from God (Isaiah 58:3-7). Want to take it to the next level? Follow Jesus and consider a 40-day fast!

  • Use your breaks to pray for Singapore - provision, prosperity and protection (Psalm 67).

  • When interacting with others, wish them a good day. Ask God to use you as a channel of blessing to them! (Luke 4:18)

  • When you give thanks for your meal, include a prayer for your pastors - relationship with God and family, courage to obey God’s promptings (John 5:19, 10:27).

  • When you read the news, pray maranatha, “come, Lord Jesus” (Revelations 22:7,12).

  • As you are about to sleep, ask God to give you His dreams (Acts 2:17).

^Excerpt from Issue 03/2016, Trinitarian Magazine. For full article, click here.


Reflect & Respond

  • How can you partner with the Holy Spirit in your daily life?

  • How can you better engage the Holy Spirit in prayer?



This article is part of our R.E.S.E.T. Toolkit Refresh. Encourage. Strengthen. Empower. Thrive.

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