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‘Just a bit more’ makes a difference

A passionate heartbeat for the nations must compel us to action.

By Priscilla Ng

I distinctly remember the very first time I heard Bishop Dr Dag Heward-Mills preached in Trinity a few years ago. His message at that time, packed so much truth that it convicted me. It was no different at Missions Weekend 2023. Delivering his message in his unconventional and refreshing style, Bishop Dr Dag was clear, concise and succinct in calling us to action.

Titled, “Can’t you do just a bit more?”, his sermon was a call was for all of us to put in a little more into the Kingdom of God because our “a little bit more” will make a big difference. He cemented this point by asking, “What if Apostle John didn’t do a little bit more by starting to write? Then we will not have the Book of John, and we will not know ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son…(John 3:16)’, because this extent of God’s love is only written in the Book of John.”

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills preaches at Missions Weekend 2023.

Trinitarians we interviewed agreed that Bishop Dag’s message challenged them to think of what is the little they can put into God’s Kingdom and the nations.

For Germaine Tan, a homemaker, the examples Bishop Dag cited gave her courage to give a little more. As someone who used to feel that her contribution is insignificant as compared to the spiritual giants around her, she said the message has changed that perspective and removed that fear of insignificance.

Today, from someone who tells God “not now”, Germaine is more courageous and is prepared to take the step when God calls. She’s on a watch to see how God can use her when she gives her little bit more.

Germaine Tan (center in black) with her CG, Fortified HG563, Area 5

Likewise, Sales Director Tan Shih Shiuan said that Bishop Dag spoke from heart to heart regarding missions. He is encouraged to see that Trinity is actively involved in missions and he is spurred to fulfill God’s calling. His next step is to be prayerful in seeking God for what is that something more God wants him to do for missions and His Kingdom.

Tan Shih Shiuan (second from right) is spurred to fulfil God’s calling.

Missions is not solely for missionaries nor evangelists. It is for everyone because all of us have been commanded and commissioned to go and make disciples of all nations. God has called, will you be willing to give a little bit more, will you be willing to reply, “Here I am”?

Do you have a testimony to share about how God has blessed or ministered to you? Send in your testimony via to bless and encourage others!

Reflect & Respond
  • What is the “little bit more” you can do or give?

  • ‘Here I am!’ MITs (Missions Impact Teams) are opened for sign up. Visit here for the list of trips and instructions to sign up.


About the Author

A nature lover, Priscilla Ong enjoys sunrise, sunset, mountains, oceans, and all the likes of nature. Her pursuit is to grow in the Lord and abide in His presence.


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