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Keep Pointing People to Jesus

Noelle Lim, Area Five Connect Group (CG) Leader, on staying her course amidst the latest heightened measures through caring and connecting, and persevering in prayer. She shares her tips in a letter to fellow CG Leaders.

By Noelle Lim

I’ve been leading Blessed Sowers (Area Five) Connect Group since April 2020, right at the start of last year's circuit breaker. Before this, I was serving in Campus Ministry as a Section Leader.

Serving again as a CG Leader has been a very rewarding experience. Why? Because it’s like having a front row seat to what God is doing in your members' lives.

Loving God and Caring for His Sheep

Leading the CG through the phases of this pandemic is not easy. During Phase Three, we were thankful to be able to meet up in small groups. I remember different CG members being appreciative of the gatherings and in-person sharing after being on Zoom for months. We even managed to organize a morning walk at Telok Blangah Hill/Henderson Wave in small groups during this time.

We saw those who were irregular in the last one-to-two years coming back to join us for these dinners and outings. Our CG’s on-site attendance max-ed out for many weeks at a member’s home, and God provided a second venue, a Trinitarian’s shop space in Tanjong Pagar. We rejoiced in God's provision of two locations where more of us could gather and meet on-site!

And the next thing we know, we are back to having CG on Zoom, as the news of Phase Two heightened measures kicked in on May 16, 2021.

Blessed Sowers CG (Noelle, top row, center)

To be honest, it feels like a roller-coaster ride. As a core group, we went through months of encouraging members in their walks with God and rallying them to come back for CG. We also had many meetings and discussions on how to facilitate and improve the CG experience. It is a challenge to manage the multiple changes – both personally and for the CG, but as I reflect on this journey, we do it because we love God and care for His sheep.

"We are in this together as a body of Christ!"

To Fellow Connect Group Leaders, I hope that you are not discouraged in your efforts. Know that we are in this together as a body of Christ!

Every message you send out is touching a life, and every CG meeting you facilitate strengthens the community that God has placed us in. Rather than waiting to gather physically again, let's focus on caring and connecting in new ways and persevering in prayer for our members' breakthroughs. Things you can do in pressing onward as a leader:

  • Keep a regular time with God God cares and He desires to speak and assure us personally.

  • Stay accountable to your core group Core group refers to a committed group of Spiritual Parents or co-leaders who support the weekly facilitation of Connect Group. Rely on them and work together, trusting that God has equipped you with one another to carry the CG through. Share your personal challenges with each other so that as a team, you can lookout for one another and keep each other in prayer.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with fellow CG leaders It definitely helps when someone understands what you are going through!

How to keep them close?

Here are some ideas: - Drop them a message that you’re thinking of them and/or give them an update on your life

- Keep the conversations going (e.g., don’t “bye”, say “talk to you later;" you can also ask them how you can keep them in prayer)

- Add them to your Instagram Close Friends list so they can get updates on your personal life

  • Maintain open communications with your pastors Update them. Don’t wait for them to check in on you. As our pastors minister to people (including you), they are practicing self-care too – so don't feel bad about “bothering” them.

  • Plan regular time weekly (15min/30min) to review overall CG Plans This is especially helpful if you find it difficult to keep track of where the CG is heading. Planning a little at a time will keep you from being overwhelmed.

  • Leverage team ministry Don’t lead alone. Rope in your leaders and members!

  • Self-care is important Ensure that you keep the Sabbath regularly and do things that help you to relax. If you have not taken a break yet, make arrangements to take time off! Even an hour or two will do you good. Treat yourself from time to time, like buying something you enjoy or watching a good movie.

"The Holy Spirit reminded me that He is the One who will touch and heal those who are hurting. Our role is to point people to Jesus."

A recent reflection that I had while serving my CG during this time is captured in Mark 2:1-12. It’s the account of the healing of the paralyzed man who was brought to Jesus by four friends who lowered him through the roof.

Through this story, the Holy Spirit reminded me that He is the one who will touch and heal those who are hurting. As we serve, may our faith encourage and inspire CG members to bring people to Jesus so that more will experience His loving touch and healing power during this time.

We are always delighted to receive testimonies! Give God the glory and write to to celebrate what God has done in your life.


Reflect & Respond

  • What are the areas that you need to put into practice from the tips that Noelle has shared?

  • If you desire to be in a community of believers, sign up and join a Connect Group now.


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