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Never Stop Living for God

IGNYTErs seek greater breakthroughs at their year-end conference.

By Darienne Sim

2020 has been a time of great upheaval and change, and many of us have been hit with blows to our spiritual lives.

As the year is drawing to a close, expecting renewal and hope feel like a challenge. “This year has been full of setbacks. When services moved online, I started to lose the fire I had for God and became disconnected from Him,” admitted Eliza Leong (Zone 1).

But God proved once again that His presence knows no bounds. For three days (December 7-9), 373 IGNYTERs (including 12 oikos) pressed in and pressed on during Never Stop – IGNYTE’s annual year-end conference.

Given COVID-19 social distancing requirements, Never Stop was held in a hybrid form for the first time, with events in various locations. Groups of five met for games and fellowship. And groups of 100 gathered for service at Trinity@Paya Lebar (with the rest joining over Zoom).

Coming together for activities and food

Despite the challenges, God’s power is unstoppable. Messages and panel sessions helped us see what it meant to live lives that never stop for God.

Impartations by our pastors and pastoral team

Candid sharing by our adult leaders

  • “My Connect Group planned to watch the conference at my place, which is very far from where they live. They had to travel every day to reach here by 8am and stay until 10pm for the night service. Their parents would come to drop them off and pick them up. The sacrifice they showed to be empowered by God was amazing” – Nivethan Royceton (Zone 3, Armed Forces)

  • “Two of my oikos came for Never Stop. One made a decision for Jesus, and the other had a change of heart. If I had not taken the leap of faith to invite them, they would have missed this opportunity to encounter God.” – Jenell Chia (Zone 2)

Though the conference has come to an end, God’s work in IGNYTErs lives has not! We have emerged the resolve to never stop living for God and to continually seek greater breakthroughs in Him.

  • Never Stop showed me how amazing God’s love is. It’s so heartening to see the IGNYTErs grow and respond as I serve, and it really spurs me on to serve God in other areas of my life. I see IGNYTE pursuing God’s call for us to never stop growing, seeking, and loving God!” – Jenell Chia (Zone 2)

  • “No physical limitations can stop the move of God. Our hunger and persistent devotion are what caused God to move so powerfully. Never Stop was more than a conference. It is a rallying call to persevere despite the odds. I believe we will be a generation that will see God’s revival as we continue to put on this posture into 2021.” – King Rachel (adult leader)




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