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New Beginnings

While most activities ceased, Filipino Ministry Leader Christine Villaroman witnessed new life bursting forth.

By Kristine Lee

Steadfast Love

"My husband and I have been connecting with some friends for more than 10 years. Before the Circuit Breaker, we invited them and a few others who have visited Filipino Ministry and main services to our Connect Group meetings. The usual response I get is they are not available due to the nature of their jobs. 

When one of our friends was given a mandatory stay home notice because of confirmed COVID-19 cases in his workplace, our Connect Group members delivered groceries to him and his colleagues. They did not expect this and were really appreciative." - Christine Villaroman

Unexpected Blessings

"I had just started working in Singapore as a pianist in a bar. Every day felt heavy. Then I suddenly felt I needed God. I had walked away from church for a long time. I found Trinity's Filipino service on Google and came. I felt so blessed to be in God's house and to meet new friends that became like family.

Then the pandemic hit. My bandmates and I were given a mandatory stay home notice because someone in our workplace was tested positive for COVID-19. Unable to venture out and work, I felt hope slipping. When Christine and others dropped off groceries not just for myself, but also my bandmates, and even gave us some financial help, I was overwhelmed. Tears began to flow. Their blessing was totally unexpected since we have only met for a very short time." - John Gelig

New Beginnings

"During the Circuit Breaker, we continued to invite friends to our Facebook Watch Party for our church online service. When I opened the invitation to a Connect Group meeting to go through our New Beginnings curriculum, I was very happy that they agreed to join! 

I took the opportunity to share the Bridge Illustration using Zoom’s share screen function to help them better understand God's love for them. And when I challenged them to surrender their life to Jesus, all seven readily agreed and received Jesus or rededicated their lives. Praise God for open hearts in the midst of Circuit Breaker through our online Connect Group meeting!" - Christine Villaroman

"It is heartening to see different ones on the online New Beginnings class have those 'aha' moments when they encounter the truth in God’s Word and relate it to their situations. Spurred on to do his own TAWG, one of our members was convicted by God's Word to send a message to his siblings back home. He told them how much he appreciated them and asked forgiveness for any shortcomings. His siblings were surprised. This was unlike him!

We have our monthly prayer meetings every first Sunday of the month via Zoom. Our members can bring friends who need prayers. Life Skills classes such as guitar classes, computer and financial literacy classes have also begun via Zoom. And we have just launched our pre-recorded Tagalog service online. We are definitely still connecting!" - Pastor Michelle Dolendo

"Through our online Connect Group study on New Beginnings, I grew to know more about Jesus and rededicated my life to Him.

From playing in bars to playing worship songs

I will always remember Jesus' promise in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son,that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

God's love is amazing and unmatched. He gives me strength for everyday, and I no longer worry what my life will be like because I know Jesus will provide.Thank you, Trinity Filipino family!" - John Gelig

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Reflect & Respond

  • How have you experienced an unexpected blessing? Is there someone you can bless?

  • What attribute or promises of God can you hold unto in challenging times?


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