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On-site Service Resumes: Return to God's House

In returning to God’s house, each Trinitarian carries the glory of God and as they come back to worship, they complete the church.

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Balloons, banners, and an army of smiley Trinitarian servers welcomed excited congregants who returned for on-site services on August 21 and 22, the first weekend restrictions were lifted. Trinitarians were eager to worship in God’s house again and soak in His presence, knowing that He is the Master-builder of our lives, as Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo had exhorted in the five-part weeknight service last week.

Posture of Faith

Charlotte Choo demonstrated faith in action as she brought Hildy, her seven-month-old daughter, with her to church.

“Church is never meant for us to be isolated behind a screen. It’s always been where we participate, engage the Word and worship together as a community.

I am definitely concerned with the dangers of COVID-19 when my daughter joins me for service but I want to carry a posture of faith. I trust that God protects and watches over my family. That is not to say that I live life recklessly but as I do all that I can, I also choose to trust Him in all areas of my life.”

Community of Believers Reunited

Trinitarians reunited with friends and Connect Group (CG) members (in groups of five, of course) in the garden and foyer where they rejoiced at seeing each other physically and not within the confines of a screen during a Zoom session. The sense of community spirit was evident as people interacted face-to-face.

“I’m very excited; it’s like being with family again. Trinity is my first church – it’s where I met my husband, and I really enjoy the worship and relationships I have here. It’s great to be back today with three friends from my CG,” shared Ivy Ng of Area One who has been attending Trinity for more than two decades.

The excitement of Trinitarians bubbled over as they shared their elation and joy.

“We are excited and happy to finally come back to worship God together as a big family. It is just amazing. Really miss meeting brothers and sisters-in-Christ.”

– Anthony and Conny Ong with daughter Theresa

“It’s nice to see everyone bustling in church, to see people coming back to make things more vibrant…I’ve missed the human warmth, interactions, intermingling, and chatting.”

– Thuan, IGNYTE

“I’m excited to come back for service; looking forward to the vibrant atmosphere of people worshipping together.”

– Arabelle Chow, Ministry Group

Joy of Worshipping Together

Many were yearning to encounter God and had missed the vibrancy of live worship and the strong presence of God on-site.

“On-site is much better than online! I really missed worshiping in the Sanctuary, of coming together to worship God with family and spiritual family, to connect with brothers and sisters-in-Christ. I can feel the strong presence of God on-site.” – Connie Leong, Area Three

“I am looking forward to hearing the Word of God, meeting with God and fellowshipping with friends. I miss the live worship, comfy seats, and the big screen in the Sanctuary. On-site, you can shut in with God without distractions.” – Patsy Niu, Area Three

“Very excited to be back. We missed the live worship, faith atmosphere, and sense of community. The ability to interact face –to face is just awesome. I like the smell of the Sanctuary too!”

– Daryl Tan and Jaren Gan, IGNYTE

Ministry at the Altar

As the altar call was given, many went forward to be prayed for, waiting patiently in line and respecting safe distancing. Altar calls were a familiar sight at Trinity services pre-COVID-19 days that some may have taken for granted. Its reinstatement is a blessing as many were ministered to personally by pastors and ministry leaders.

“One of the highlights of being on-site is the ability to respond to the altar call by walking to an altar area. It signifies our seriousness in wanting that breakthrough we are believing God for. And what’s more encouraging than to have a pastor or leader standing next to us and ministering to us!

It is also heartening to see Trinitarians earnestly seeking God at the altar and God touching them as they do so.” – Pastor Kenny Sng

"Whenever the word of God is being preached, we must respond. Every response is an exercise of our faith!

Even if it is a situation that you have responded in prayer many times. Sometimes we ask God, do I have to respond again? This is when we are challenged in our faith. ‘Do I believe? Do I STILL believe?’ If so, come to the altar.” – Pastor Esther Lee

"Altar calls are powerful and life-changing moments! Responding to an altar call is coming to God with openness, humility and showing God our desire for breakthroughs. That draws and makes room for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to work deeper within us!

When the Holy Spirit comes, He stirs our faith and deepen our conviction. And manifest signs, wonders and miracles!

When we respond, we are also encouraging others to respond. As all of us come forward with a posture of hunger and desire, I believe the presence and power of the Holy Spirit will move and sweep across our church, bringing new wave of revival in our church!“

– Pastor Wendy Ong

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.” (John 7:37)

We are not Cowards

How apt that as Trinitarians pressed onward with boldness to come back on-site last weekend, Pastor Dominic exhorted us to change our clothes and change our lives, signifying the need for us to change our thoughts and change our mindsets, so that we can move forward with a fresh start to a new level of anointing to fulfil God’s plan for Trinity.

“The vibrancy of worship and the ability to see so many people coming together is a testament that as Trinitarians, we are not cowards, but we are pressing and moving forward in alignment with God’s plans,” said Christopher and Irene Yeo, IGNYTE Adult Leaders.


Come and experience the corporate worship experience and be blessed.

Services on-site everyday! For more information on booking of seats, click here.

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