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Overcoming Your Giants

In this inaugural virtual conference, more than 40 nations were charged up in spirit and declaration to watch their modern-day Goliaths fall.

By Jeanette Kwek

The inaugural online Asia Pacific Assemblies of God Fellowship (APAGF) Conference was hosted on Trinity Broadcast from October 27 to 30.

For four days, 44 nations tuned in to eight hours of worship and word daily – both live and on repeat broadcast. With so many time zones in Asia, this arrangement gave great flexibility to those working at different times of the day.

If we thought we reached our praise peak at Concert of Prayer, this conference was a deluxe edition! Worship from around the world is extra special. Regardless of race, language, vibes, and music styles, there is something about hearing nations lift up the name of Jesus.

Worship teams from across the Asia-Pacific region

The theme of Overcoming Your Giants hit close to home. Giants are giants, no matter where we come from or what flag we fly. Giants intimidate us, make us feel overwhelmed and unable in seismic proportions. The giants overcrowd our hearts and suffocate us. The fear of death, health issues, unemployment, longstanding debts, and addictions (just to name a few) have been exacerbated by COVID-19.

The giants of life will always be there. But so will our eternal and all-powerful God – a God who eclipses any giant we face. Instead of focusing on removing the giants, the conference was about discovering ways to overcome them. Not only are we to live vicariously through the Bible stories but to also experience the same power and grace of God readily available to us.

AG General Superintendents and speakers on how we can overcome our giants

I loved hearing the 32 speakers share biblical principles on overcoming our giants, as well as how they trust the Holy Spirit in their lives and in leading the church. Each message served to impact, equip, empower, and encourage us to hold fast to God and trust Him completely in all things

Pastor Dominic Yeo (Chairman, APAGF)

“God doesn’t want us to stop at the cross. God wants us to move from the cross to Pentecost!” In his concluding message, Pastor Dominic Yeo (APAGF Chairman) exhorted us to continue overcoming the giants in our lives, churches, and communities by continually seeking the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Making room to become overcomers

We may think our greatest testimony comes from good times when we can point to God's goodness, provision, etc. Yet, proclaiming God's faithfulness before we see our victory, choosing to be overcomers because of our faith in God, is the most powerful thing we can do in these times. Our faith is the victory that overcomes the world and our giants!

I cannot sum up the other precious gems preached in this article, but I can offer you some tips for having a meaningful catch-up on these messages.

1. Go to Trinity Broadcast ( for all of the messages shared during Overcoming Your Giants. Each sermon is 30 minutes long and is accompanied by a time of worship.

2. Watch the messages

  • During train commutes

  • On your lunch-time or me-time

  • Together with your family in times of devotion

  • With friends and Connect Group mates (call it an afternoon of “Word” binge!)

  • Wherever you have internet access!

3. Do a post-message reflection

  • Ask yourself: What is one biblical truth that applies to the giants you face?

  • Pray this truth over yourself using the Word of God.

  • Pray for one another (if you are watching with others)

Praying that as you fellowship in worship and word and choose to live out the biblical principles, you will experience the fall of Goliaths in your lives. We are overcomers in Christ!



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