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Pastor Dominic names Pastor Gerald as next Lead Pastor

Without succession, there is no success. As much as leadership transition is important in governments and businesses, it is also crucial in the church for its longevity.

By Diana Lim

“God is the God of the Generations. The moment we stop preparing for the next generation, we begin the process of extinction,” said Lead Pastor Rev Dominic Yeo as he revealed his leadership transition plan.

Since he became Lead Pastor in 2005, Pastor Dominic has been on the lookout for his successor. “Lead pastors don’t just pop out of nowhere. It requires intentional discipleship and prayer,” he noted.

Without succession, there is no success. As much as leadership transition is important in governments and businesses, it is also crucial in the church for its longevity. Trinity is not new to having Kingdom continuity plans. The first was the successful change of command from our first Missionary Lead Pastor, Rev Naomi Dowdy to our first National (Local) Leader Pastor, Rev Dominic, in 2005.

Without succession, there is no success.

After being Lead Pastor for 18 years, Pastor Dominic will hand over the church leadership to Pastor Gerald Tan in March 2023.

Trinitarian Experience blueprint

Under Pastor Dominic’s leadership, God downloaded the blueprint for the Trinitarian Experience – where everyone who comes through the doors of Trinity would Encounter God and Experience Transformation.

In the early 2000s, Trinitarians embraced God’s vision for Trinity to have a Vibrant Atmosphere, Incredible Unity, Passionate Heartbeat and Strategic Leadership through growing our God-given Core Values (Passionate Honor, Audacious Fevor, Relentless Belief, and Contagious Faith).

As we pursue our Vision and live out our Core Values, Caring and Connecting became our culture and in so doing, creating the Trinitarian Experience.

Prayer for a strong church

“My prayer for Trinity isn’t to be a big church, but a strong church,” said Pastor Dominic. That was his prayer when he took over as Lead Pastor.

Over the last 17 years, Trinity has grown from strength to strength. Strong in hosting the presence of God, strong in convictions, and strong in leadership and discipleship.

My prayer for Trinity isn't to be a big church, but a strong church.

Today, Trinity has expanded to be a church of global impact, a 10,000-member church owning four properties in land-scarce Singapore, a strong missions program impacting 60 nations, launched broadcast tv and radio to reach a global audience, and established three growing regional centers in Bangkok, Jakarta and Melbourne.

Trinity will continue to be Pastor Dominic’s home church while he focuses on serving the larger church worldwide with his various portfolios in the Assemblies of God and the Pentecostal World Fellowship.

Trinity has always been blessed to be a blessing. We cannot stop being a blessing. Releasing Pastor Dominic to step into His next season will be a greater blessing to the Church at large.

“I never expected to be part of such a transition/succession. I am a simple man who just wants to serve God faithfully. However, any opportunity to serve the Lord and His church is a privilege and I will always do my best in obedience,” said Lead Pastor Designate Pastor Gerald.

Affirmation on succession

Khong Yew Cheong, Board Member:

I joined the Board in 2005, the same year when Pastor Dowdy handed the leadership of Trinity to Pastor Dom. His skilful leadership has brought about a strengthening of relationship between the Board and Lead Pastor, helped us to successfully navigate the changes in regulatory framework and facilitated the church to grow from strength to strength over the years.

As I look forward to 2023, I am energized and confident of another God-led succession. Not only is Pastor Gerald a son of the house, he’s a God-chaser who I believe God has prepared for a time such as this.

As he leads us forward from 2023, it will be onward and upwards as we see God’s agenda for Trinity to touch so many more lives being fulfilled in the coming days.

Eugene Cheng, Board Member who joined Trinity in 2001:

I thank God for His grace and the wisdom that is placed upon us in this Change of Command. Indeed, I believe it is in God’s timing that He is bringing a season of change.

Just as He promised in Isaiah 43:18-19, He is doing a new thing. As it springs up, I believe with the change in command, the great that Pastor Dominic brings will transit into an even greater expansion and restoration of the Kingdom of God through Trinity Christian Centre.

I thank God that He has placed the Elisha anointing upon Pastor Gerald. Being an anointed preacher of the word, he carries the prophetic insight into the very heart of God for Trinity.

I believe Pastor Gerald is indeed God’s man for the season and I pray that a double portion of anointing shall be passed on from Pastor Dominic onto him as he leads Trinity into God’s purposes.

This second change in command is truly a testament of God's faithfulness and grace upon Trinity throughout the years.

Grace Yong, Brand Director and Trinitarian for 39 years:

This second change of command is truly a testament of God’s faithfulness and grace upon Trinity through the years. It was momentous to witness the change of command from Pastor Dowdy (the only Lead Pastor I have ever had then) to Pastor Dominic, my CYC (Children-Youth-Campus) pastor then.

Now, it is even more meaningful to see my former Youth Pastor step up to lead the Church as Lead Pastor Designate having been deeply blessed by his ministry and love.

I believe God will use him powerfully to lead Trinity in the destiny God has for us as a Church.

Richard Fong, Systems Engineer of Trinity:

As a Trinitarian of 33 years and Systems Engineer in Trinity for 25, I've experienced having ‘mama’ being my Lead Pastor, my ‘big brother’ becoming my Lead Pastor, and in the days to come my ‘younger brother’ taking over.

As Pastor Dom always says, ‘our destiny is tied to the destiny of the house’ and we need to keep our eyes firmly on Jesus and not entertain divisive thoughts. Trust that Jesus is in control of everything and every situation.

Our destiny is tied to the destiny of the house.

Through the leadership transitions, it is important to see God’s hand at work in this house and come into alignment with His divine plans so that we can collectively step into His divine fulfillment for our lives.

Daniel Pang, who is in his fourth year at NTU, didn’t expect the Change of Command to be happening so soon, but he is confident that great things are in store for Trinity:

God’s hand has always been on Trinity since its birth in 1970. Trinitarians can be confident that as they stand alongside Pastor Gerald and the new leadership team, they will see the fulfilment of God’s prophetic words for this house as well as His plans for our individual lives.

Let us cover Trinity in prayer through this transition as we forge forward in impacting the generations to come.

Reflect & Respond

  • Pray for Trinity that we will not be just a big church, but a strong church, where people Encounter God and Experience Transformation.

  • Pray for trinity to forge forward, and build up a generation that will impact many other generations.

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