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Preparing for a Warm Homecoming

Trinity’s Sanctuary doors will open tomorrow, welcoming back 1,000 congregants for the first time in a year. Here's what to look forward to this weekend:

This weekend, Trinity@Paya Lebar will host up to 1,000 worshippers per service in our 3,000-seater sanctuary for the first time since April 2020.

Since MCCY announced the resumption of worship services, much excitement has filled Trinity’s staff, volunteers, and church members alike. Seats for the reopening service this Saturday, Aug 21, were fully booked in three minutes.

With only two weeks to prepare, all hands have been on deck to welcome worshippers back to the house of God. Let’s look at what is going on behind the scenes before the big day!

The Venue – Sanctuary, our much-loved worship hall!

Walk through the doors of Sanctuary and you’ll be greeted by major visual changes on a glowing digital 598-tiled backdrop. “To celebrate our homecoming, we have given our LED centerpiece a brand-new look. The heart behind the design and graphics is to point the audience heavenward. The ultimate objective is to embody a church coming together to elevate Jesus,” said Sherrilynn Anastasia, Trinity’s Corporate Communications Executive.

Ivan Cheong, who has been serving on Trinity’s tech team for about 15 years, spent two-and-a-half days enhancing the church’s lighting software for a fresh change. “It feels really good to be back in our sanctuary, programming the lights again. For more vibrancy, lighting color effects and speeds have been reprogrammed to complement our new graphics and worship songs.”

About a dozen technical volunteers will be involved in weekend services to support our video, lighting, and audio operations. Trinity’s Technical Director Ray Ng says that without them, running services would be impossible.

Trinity’s tech volunteers; photo taken pre-pandemic

“Our worship and tech teams have grown stronger in spirit throughout this pandemic. We’ve really grown in our skill levels the past year, in engaging people both on-site and online. We’re so excited to be back now that a full band is allowed on stage. A total of 20 worship servers will be helping this weekend: two keyboardists, a bassist, drummer, electric guitarist, and acoustic guitarist alongside our singers on stage.

With more singers and richer instrumental sound, our worship will have more texture and vibrancy. Together, let’s glorify and magnify our King of kings!” exhorted Pastor Gary Chia, Creative Ministry Pastor.

The worship team gearing up for this weekend!

To keep worshippers safe, the 3,000-seater sanctuary has been divided into 24 zones of 50 people each. Logistical planning has been undertaken to adhere to latest MCCY guidelines.

This involves closing off 2,000 seats and allocating the right number of seats per row to allow for one-meter safe distancing.

Many volunteers came forward eagerly, excited to be back in church serving and welcoming worshippers.

This includes Celebration Hosts and Leaders, who will oversee 19 zoning counters that will check for attendees’ booking registration and proper vaccination/PET certifications. Prior to service, attendees will be welcomed and guided to their respective zones. Upon service dismissal, they will leave the premises safely via designated pathways.

It is a major coordination effort directed by Trinity’s Pastoral Operations team, headed by Pastor Phebe Ngan, and the church’s Estate Management Office, led by Charles Soo. The precision of planning is to ensure a pleasant experience for all worshippers the moment they step into Trinity.

Clara, a Trinitarian since 1988, was on site this week to help. “It’s very nostalgic being back home. With more servers helping, I’m anticipating the excitement of being back this weekend!”

Irene, who worships with her family at Trinity@Paya Lebar, says,

“This is home. I can’t wait to be back for the vibrancy of worship; there’s nothing like it.”

Look out for the festive signs and banners around church this weekend – we can’t wait to worship with you!


We welcome you to worship together with us:

For more information on our on-site services, click here.

To see live updates on seat availability, click here.


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