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Back in the House with Pre-Event Testing

Undeterred by Pre-Event Testing (PET), Trinitarians flocked back to church the first weekend restrictions were lifted for on-site services. Families with children, young adults, and students share their excitement in coming back to church to worship God, encounter His presence, and be with a community of believers.

On Saturday, June 26, Trinitarians stepped into church premises to attend weekend service for the first time in more than a month. Greeted by our cheerful Celebration Hosts, members who booked their seats and verified to be vaccinated were ushered into the Chapel, while non-vaccinated individuals were directed to PET stations for tests before service.

The excitement and joy of individuals and families Trinitarian Online spoke to were simply bubbling over. All were eagerly looking forward to coming back for on-site service. They missed the live worship atmosphere and being encouraged by the presence of friends and families worshipping together, engaging fully in God’s presence without distractions.

Determined to return to the house of the Lord after not being on-site for close to two years, Kenny and Nikki (Area Three), parents of Emeth, four and a half years old, and Ean,16 months, shared their desire to be back in church.

“We miss church! And we wanted our boys to grow up in church. For Emeth, he was in Nursery One & Two. But for Ean, he's never been to church.”

When we asked them if Ean having to go through PET was a deterrent in coming back to church. Mummy Nikki shared, "Testing is going to be a norm for large gatherings, why not get Ean started on being used to it?

Daddy Kenny said the worship experience was really different at home and in church.

Besides being a place of worship, the church is a place where believers come together for fellowship, and many attended service with their friends and Connect Group (CG) members, catching up and sharing life together, with safe distancing in place.

Michelle Kwek (Area Two) who attended with her friends, desire the tangible spiritual atmosphere in a corporate worship environment. “I wanted to be encouraged as we came together in person as a church. Seeing one another worship and lifting our hands to praise the Lord makes a difference in my worship experience.”

Roger and Pamela (Area Three) together with their daughters, Joan, nine years old and Jodi, five years old, too, missed the collective worship experience, attending with their CG members, and fellowshipping together. “At on-site services, you can soak in the presence of God and fully engage in worship.”

The enthusiasm of our youth was palpable at the Meeting Place where they awaited their PET results after being tested. The need to come early to be tested did not deter them. Zhi Xin from Young Adults shared, “Having to come one-and-a-half hours before service to be tested is alright because while waiting, we can fellowship, so time passes very fast.”

Another youth, also from Young Adults, Jing Wen, chimed in, “Happy to be back and have the chance to see everyone again. It is a powerful reminder of church being a community. The PET is not scary. It is over very fast and the swabbers are professional and confident. It just felt a bit ticklish!”

If you have yet to experience on-site service, take that first step now and register for your seats. As those who have taken the first step just affirmed, returning to the house of the Lord for corporate gathering and worship is a sure way to lay hold of God’s presence.

Let’s put aside every reason and return to the House of the Lord!

On-site services are available Monday – Sunday! Register your seats now!

For more information, visit the Trinity App or:


Reflect & Respond

  • When was the last time you experienced on-site service and encountered the presence of God?

  • If you desire to worship with a community of believers, call someone and book your seat now!


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