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In the midst of challenges, no matter the seasons, what or who do you proclaim? Sister Arielle Yeo shares the inspiration behind Trinity's newly launched single, Proclaim.

In my younger days as a Christian, my encounters with God were always so tangible. I could sense His presence and His immense love often made me tear. Being a naturally emotional person, I thrived on these emotional encounters. They made me feel close to God and refreshed me.

Even in the Wilderness

But when I was in polytechnic, those encounters seemed to cease. At first I thought it was because commitments in school and in church left me drained and tired. Yet even when I dropped most of them to focus on school, Connect Group and my relationship with God, I still struggled. I felt as though I was in the wilderness, not knowing my identity, purpose and direction. It was tough and sometimes silent.

God's Word in Hosea 2:14 was what I kept me strong. Moments of just praising God and declaring who He is, even when I did not feel like it, kept me going. What I thought was my wilderness, God was actually leading me beyond leaning on my emotions to fuel my relationship with Him. God was teaching me to choose to declare who He is rather than let doubts fester. God was with me the whole time.

So when we were tasked in a Trinity Academy songwriting class in 2019 to write a song on the theme of declaration, it resonated with me.

A Perspective Shift

In our team, we reflected on the 2018 Watchnight message on faith life and declaring God's truth. We shared what God had spoken to each of us. When we started writing the lyrics, the picture painted was of the valleys and struggles we were facing. But as we wrote, God began to shift our perspective from the situation, to who He was, and is, and will be forevermore. He is the strength, light, peace, and hope!

The team that wrote Proclaim. From left: Arielle Yeo, Andrew Wu, Deon Lee, Angel Malanum

Seeing how our different journeys with God came together to write this declarative song was really inspiring to me. No matter what may come, as a body of believers, we can always come together and raise His anthem! God is in control of all situations so in both good and bad times, we can praise God. Choosing to proclaim His praises will shift our perspective from one of our weakness to strength in God It's no surprise then that "No matter what may come my way, I'll raise this anthem all my days!" is one of the team's favorite lines.

In this season, it is very easy to forget about God's power and faithfulness in our lives. But the truth is like the lyrics of the chorus. God never stops fighting for us.

(Video: Debut at IGNYTE's Colors Concert in Sentosa)

"You’re the strength in my weakness

You’re the light in the darkness,

I will sing even louder, Jesus, Jesus.

You’re my peace in the present,

You’re the hope for tomorrow,

I will sing this forever, Jesus, Jesus."

We pray that this song will remind us to lift our eyes up to where our strength comes from, and to never stop proclaiming who God is.

As for me, I know now I am where God has called me, for such a time as this. And though sometimes, it's easy to forget, I can always choose to declare who He is rather than let doubt fester. And like what the lyrics say, I know this of God in my heart of hearts "Your Word reminds me, You promised You won’t leave" .

Listen and proclaim!

Want to tune in to more of Trinity's original compositions? Search for "Trinity Christian Centre" in Spotify, iTunes or Youtube Music. Watch our music video on


Reflect & Respond

  • What or who do you proclaim when things get tough?

  • Can you recall an incident of God's faithfulness? Has God given you a Word in the midst of challenges? Can you proclaim these?

  • Is there someone you can share this song and your testimony of who God is?



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