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Reminiscing the Past, Anticipating the Future

Church isn’t just a building – it’s a home.

As Trinitarians reflect on their favorite moments at Trinity@Adam, Trinity@Bukit Batok, and Trinity@Paya Lebar, they look forward to upcoming centers where more people will encounter God in Singapore.

Former Trinity@Adam building, located at 21 Adam Road

“My most memorable place at Trinity@Adam was the Guest Lounge. It was where a friendly pastor connected with me and since then, I have made Trinity my home church.  I look forward to the new Trinity@Adam as a place of revival, where many will receive Christ and return to Jesus.”

– Woo May Yin, Area Two

Chatting in the garden at Trinity@Paya Lebar

“The garden in Trinity@Paya Lebar  is where our CG leader likes to whip out supper for fellowship whenever we have night services in church, such as prayer meetings and  Watchnight services. I’m excited that we are branching out into new spaces for people to gather and connect.”

– Francis Yap, Pastoral Counseling  

Former Trinity@Adam’s playground – a popular hangout spot!

“I have fond memories of the classrooms in Trinity@Adam, and the corridors where students used to sit and fellowship. I want to bring my kids to the redeveloped  Trinity@Adam and show them my old hangout spots. ”

– Lee Li Ting, Pastoral Counseling

"Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flame" was so powerful that the initial one-week run was extended to four weeks

“I’ll always remember the times at Trinity@Adam when we hosted productions  like Heaven’s Gates Hell’s Flame. Some nights, the queue extended to the main road! With new locations to come, more can attend impactful events for Easter and Christmas.”

– Patrick Koh, Pastoral Counseling

Trinity@Adam will reopen upon redevelopment

“My favorite memory is after overnight prayer meetings, we’d sit along the side of the Trinity@Adam chatting with fellow Trinitarians… the redeveloped Trinity@Adam will be a place where many people will connect and be saved. ”

– Sham Ngan Yeng, Pastoral Counseling 

Congregational worship at Trinity@Paya Lebar

“My first impression of Trinity@Paya Lebar was its spaciousness – space for people to congregate to seek and worship God corporately, space for healing and revelation to take place, and space for precious gatherings, where worshipers can share about their journeys with God. 

I am looking forward to the precious space that will be created in both Trinity@Adam and Trinity@Choa Chu Kang for God’s people to share lives and honor God.” 

– Kerwin Lye, Ministry Leader, Pastoral Care Ministry 

“Wah so many memories, it's hard to choose just one! is praying with others in the room at the basement carpark for the ongoing Sunday worship service in the mid-90s. Building God’s house is exciting because it means more options to invite oikos to worship at a center near them.”

– Joan Swee, Pastoral Counseling 

Trinity@Adam, 1990

“My parents were not believers when I was growing up. I came to Trinity after getting married to my husband Roland  (a Trinitarian). It was in Trinity that my parents found the Lord.

One of the most joyous events for me was my family worshipping together in church. I am definitely looking forward to returning to Trinity@Adam. I am excited to see how the new building will look and a new vibrant community of faith sprout there."

– Pearly Chan, Area Four

“My most memorable place/moment in Trinity@Paya Lebar is the Chapel where I was water baptized. It is a place where I declared my faith and conviction to follow God before my loved ones.   I am looking forward to more opportunities to serve God and to have more people experience God’s love through our centers.”   

– Yu Sheng Hong, Area One 

Trinity’s pastors praying over Trinity@Choa Chu Kang at the ground-breaking ceremony in 2020

“I joined Trinity in 2009 and my journey with the Lord has been amazing! I remember many moments when He journeyed with me through desert experiences and brought me through.  I see the redevelopment of Trinity@Adam and Trinity@Choa Chu Kang as God’s way of reaching out to more people and seeing them saved.”

– Amy Tang, Area Two

DiscoveryLand at Trinity@Bukit Batok. Trinity@Bukit Batok will transition into the new Trinity@Choa Chu Kang upon the building’s completion

“I’ve been blessed by the current team at Trinity@Bukit Batok. They are spontaneous and have a heart to reach out, especially to children! Even though the serving team is small, we support each other and are committed! I am looking forward to the new Trinity@Choa Chu Kang so that we have a place of our own (and won’t have to pack up after every service!)”

– Mei Ling Ho, Area Four

“I have been following my wife to Trinity@Adam ever since we got together, and we were eventually married there. After accepting Christ into my life, I started attending CG and serving, something I really enjoy as it instills a sense of peace in me. Trinity@Adam means a lot to me and feels like home – I am looking forward to serving there again.”

– Patrick Ho, Pastoral Operations, Leader

Meeting Place at the former Trinity@Adam

“My fondest memories were fellowshipping after service with my family and friends as we had our toast and kopi at the cozy Meeting Place…I am looking forward to a brand new Trinity@Adam with more parking space and children’s areas for DiscoveryLand. I thank God for His timing and provision of a home church in the west...

Who remembers Trinity@Adam’s packed-out parking lot?

...I am proud to be a Trinitarian because my first encounter with God was in 2009, when I was invited to Trinity.

I finally found a place where I could belong to, be nurtured, and grow to become all that God wants me to be.”

– Rachel Chia, Area Two, Spiritual Parent

Trinity@Paya Lebar, a home for all

“Trinity was the place where I encountered God’s love for me personally and grew a stronger conviction in my identity as a precious child of God. I recall my Campus Ministry days where different leaders and pastors faithfully sowed into my life, believed in me, and spurred me on as I was refined in my faith journey with Christ.” :)

– Cheryl Wong, Area Three

What makes Trinity home for you?

Build God’s house for the next generation at Vision Rally and Vision Weekend starting this Friday!


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