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TCC – The Connecting Church

With COVID-19 limiting us from coming to church, a Trinitarian expresses her gratitude for the initiatives taken to help people stay connected.

Dear Trinity,

Thank you for bringing church into our homes since the Circuit Breaker began.

I recognize the tremendous effort that has been put to keep Trinitarians connected. It is amazing to see how Trinity moved swiftly to bring church to our homes.

Pastors and staff worked harder than before to adapt. Remote meetings meant that they had to learn new skills and prepare new things quickly.

In making sure that we are well-cared for and connected, Trinity pushed the boundaries and defied the odds. It is a blessing that even our oikos are reached.

Truly, we did not lack in receiving spiritual support and encouragement despite the restrictions and physical limitations.

Connecting on the weekends

The Communications team brought us beautifully designed pre-service content to prepare us for service and gear us up for upcoming events.

Pastors also brought a personal touch to weekly services by hosting the Zoom Guests Reception and Breakout Rooms for prayer and connection.

I also noticed how the Creative Ministry pre-recorded as many segments as they could so that we could continue to worshipping God with familiar songs lead by our very own.

Trinity works hard to make sure that everyone in the family stayed connected. Our children have the DiscoveryLand Pack. The language ministries and IGNYTE have their services. Indeed, there were many sacrifices made to keep Trinitarians connected to each other and with God.

Beyond the weekend

While we still can’t come together physically, the church did not put its programs on hold. Trinity Academy courses. Life Skills Seminars. 50 Hours of Prayer. Connect Groups. Discipleship Night. Our pastors are so committed to helping us keep healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I also want to thank those who worked overtime – Broadcast, IT, Tech, Church Operations, and the camp committee – to bring us Broadcast Life Conference in place of the canceled church camp. It was indeed a milestone for us to put it together during a global outbreak. While we were confined to our homes, you showed us how we could still live life abundantly.

The planning and the execution of Broadcast Life Conference was probably the most fast-paced and high-intensity project for the church. Despite initial hurdles, you persevered in launching it. While there were glitches, they were expected and we won’t hold it against you.

Many Trinitarians and I are grateful for all the effort that was put into the event. We have been so blessed with a church that cares so much for the well-being of its members.

Thank you Pastor Dominic, pastors, and staff for your labor of love. Thank you all for the incredible job you have done to host church week-in and week-out. We are blessed for the wisdom and anointing put into all these platforms.

May the Lord’s double portion of anointing be upon Trinity so that we can extend our reach even more to fulfill the Great Commission.

To God be the Glory!

Julie Teo


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