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The Search for Treasure Planet at Children’s Day Special

On October 8 and 9, about 680 children were showered with special door gifts upon their arrival outside the service halls at Trinity@Paya Lebar and Trinity@Bukit Batok. This was the beginning of a day of fun at Trinity’s Children’s Day Special.

By Jacquelyn Bipasha

Special decorations decked the halls as the children ran to and fro, trying their best to make sure they were the fastest groups to keep their balloons from popping. As they competed against one another – they posed hilariously as silhouettes, bouncing away color balloons. Giggles filled the air when the children immersed themselves delightfully in the games.

All became quiet when the lights dimmed, as the children looked on to the arrival of the main drama characters. Dressed ready for adventure, Dan and Jan began The Search for Treasure Planet.

From left to right: Jan, Dan, Mr. J

On Dan and Jan’s search, they ran out of food and water. A mysterious Mr. J appeared at that moment, charming all the children when he miraculously created an abundant supply of “bread” and “water”.

Following the miracle, Dan and Jan got into a conflict and Dan went his separate way. When Dan got into trouble with the villain, Mr. J came to his rescue. The children cheered and laughed along at the characters’ funny antics as the story slowly unraveled.

Later, the children shared their learnings in smaller groups facilitated by different adult leaders.

Tan Yi Kai Zachary, age 11:

I learned that God will always be there for us when we need Him. The acting was funny, and I enjoyed the preaching!

Lavena Tan, age 10:

I learned that God is always there for us no matter what happens. I enjoyed the part where Mr. J performed miracles like Jesus did.

Asher Tang, age 7:

I learned not to fear and always pray to God.

Many little hands were raised when the host pastor gave the call to believe in Jesus. 36 of the 54 children, who were first-time guests, received salvation. Among our regular attendees of DiscoveryLand, 83 rededicated their lives to Jesus, and 8 accepted Jesus as their Savior! “I brought a friend, Claire, for the event. She has received Jesus into her life!” shared Angel Yong, age 12, enthusiastically.

We thank God for the brilliant partnership between parents and children as they collectively cared and connected with their oikos. The Search for Treasure Planet ended with receiving the treasure of Salvation in Jesus.

Look out for the next Children’s Special, “School’s Out! Holidays are in!” Invite a child (ages 4 – 12) to come and have fun while learning how to make the holidays more meaningful!

Reflect & Respond
  • Is there a friend whom you can care for and connect with today?

  • Bring a friend to the next Children's Special in November.


About the Author

Jacquelyn Bipasha is a leader in Trinity's children's ministry. Creative and energetic, she loves to interact with children. She uses her passion in drama to bless children in DiscoveryLand and in her teaching career!



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