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Thanksgiving Service caps Trinity50 celebrations

Concluding our celebration of 50 years of God’s faithfulness

By Julie Teo

After 50 hours of prayer, blessing community organizations with S$500,000, and 50 guest speakers, Trinity’s 50th Anniversary celebration culminated with a special Thanksgiving Service on the first week of December (December 3, 5, and 6)

Honoring the past

Helming the event was Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo who started by honoring our Founding Pastors – the Staffords, the Busbys, and the Fergusons.

One Founding Pastor deserved special honor – someone who came as a missionary and stayed to pastor Trinity for almost 30 years. That person is none other than Pastor Naomi Dowdy, who now serves as our Resident Apostle.

Pastor Dominic recounted how she embraced him when he first came to Trinity. Despite looking like a “hippy”, she reached out in love and took him under her wing.

Discipling him from a young Christian to becoming a son of the house – she taught him what it means to have a Kingdom perspective, express Kingdom generosity, and minister through Kingdom partnership.

Acknowledging the sowing and the faithfulness of Trinitarians through the years, Pastor Dowdy urged Trinitarians to continue rising to greater levels of faith, standing together in the face of challenges, and cutting new paths for the Kingdom of God.

A surprise in the present

Just when we (and Pastor Dominic) thought that this segment was done, Pastor Gerald Tan seized the moment to surprise our Lead Pastor and his wife with gifts to honor their years of faithful service – demonstrated by their wholehearted obedience to God’s prophetic word.

The premiere of the “He Reigns” music video

Featuring thousands of Trinitarians (including our pastors!), our Thanksgiving Service also premiered the music video for the song “He Reigns.”

The God who has called and established Trinity Christian Centre 50 years ago has a great destiny for us. I am calling you to rise and march forward together. We will not step on the brakes of life, we will go where God will lead us! No crisis, circumstances or pandemic will deter us from pursuing God’s purposes for our lives and for our Church. As a spiritual leader of this Church, I declare that you will love God wholeheartedly, I declare the fulfilment of God’s great destiny for every Trinitarian, young and old. I declare that God will rule and reign over this house forever and ever, amen!” – Lead Pastor Dominic Yeo

What a powerful declaration from our Lead Pastor! Trinitarians, let’s receive the word and forge forward in fulfilling God’s plan and purposes in our Church and in our lives!

Forging forward into the future

“We must continue to model surrender and dependence and unity so that the younger generation will be filled again with this revelation. This is our endless source of courage and strength, of direction and revelation, of protection and provision, of breakthrough and victory as we lift our hands in the valley of battle.”

The last of our 50 guest speakers, Pastor Claude Houde exhorted us to continue being a people in communion of the Holy Spirit and continually lifting our hands in the valley of battle.

Truly, Trinity has been very blessed. Our partnership with God and one another these past 50 years has borne much fruit, enabling God to use us for international impact.

Trinitarians, we are placed for such a time as this. Let us live by these prophetic words and forge forward into the next 50 years stronger than ever before. To God be the glory!


Reflect & Respond

  • What does being a Trinitarian mean to you?

  • What part do you have to play as Trinity enters into the next 50 years and beyond?



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